More Summer in the City

I have been running non-stop since yesterday.  Well, not actually “running”…more like DRIVING.  Sometimes I amaze myself with all I accomplish.  Other times I’m just flat out LAZY.

So anyway, I’ve been hearing all this talk about ridiculous gas prices.  I hadn’t paid it much mind, because my new car came with a full tank (and that’s a LOT of gas…like 25 gallons).  Well, I stopped by my local gas station to find this:


I walked into the gas station and asked for $70 worth of gas.  At this price, it takes $126 to fill my gas tank…ugh!  Now that wouldn’t be the worst.  Notice how many miles I get to the gallon now?


I really shouldn’t complain…I mean, my last car only got 9 mpg, so I’m ahead, right?  When paying for my gas, I overheard a young girl asking for $13 of gas.  WTH?  $13?  Who puts $13 of gas in their car?  I mean, at least make it an even $20 worth.  Unfortunately, the last time I put $20 in my car was 10 years ago.  Maybe longer.  $20 wouldn’t even get me back and forth to the supermarket.

Now let’s talk shoes…just in case any of you ditch the car and decide to walk.  Unlike many of my shoe whore friends, I don’t need a million pair of shoes.  I don’t drool over Manolos, but I do prefer all leather shoes.  They don’t need to be glamorous.  The only requirement is they have to be comfortable.

So being that I only have a dozen pair of shoes, I decided to visit Piperline and Zappos to see if anything caught my eye.  I ended up purchasing 2 pairs of Tahari patent leather sandals.  I love everything Tahari…most of my wardrobe consists of this brand.  So when the sandals arrived, I eagerly put a pair on.  Unfortunately, it was no more than an hour before I had blisters on my most of my toes.  Back they go.  Darn!!!  No wonder I never buy patent leather.  It’s never comfortable.

Which brings me to these:


How the heck would one manage to walk in these?  They are unique, but really…KWIM?  Just looking at these hurt!

Have a lovely evening…





    NOW I know what to get you for your hostess gift THIS year !

    You know your dying to throw those fishy babies on and jump on the moon bounce !

  2. Lisa,
    I would like to send you and your Sunshine angel medallions. She is such a trooper. check them out at my website. I send them out no charge. If you would like them for your privacy/safety I can send them to the hospital, church pobox, which ever way you feel best.



  3. I actually kind of like the fish shoes. I love heels. I prefer style over comfort myself. I’m sure in 20 years I will regret that decision.

  4. love your blog and all the extra blogs. would love to come to your bbq, bit far away though. have a nice time.
    kind regards, Josee Kool, The Netherlands

  5. I LOVE the fish shoes! Of course, these are meant only for walking from the valet stand into the restaurant and back. 😉 The price of gas is killing us all. I am so happy I decided to trade in my SUV for a sedan a couple of years ago! I drive for work so I am trying to plan my errands so that they coincide with wherever I need to be on a given day. If I didn’t live in the suburbs (and it wasn’t so darn hot) I’d ride my bike!

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