Sew…How Cute are These?


You know you want them.  Get them at West Elm.

Happy Stitching!

With friendship,

Lisa needle



  1. They’re beautiful, but the cheapskate in me is now working out where to get some paper boxes from and stencil my own sewing related designs onto them! They’re lovely, but ouch at the $80!

  2. Hi, Lisa, I found your blog through a sewing room organizing link. I think your stuff is wonderful and I am in awe of the machines you have and what you are able to create. I hope things are well with your daughter. I am from the Philadelphia area and am familiar with CHOP and UPenn hospital–both great facilities. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, Diva!!!

  3. Kinda funny how they have sewing stuff on the boxes, but that looks to me like yarn poking out of the top. lol

  4. You are such an enabler! We have a West Elm in town; I may need to make a trip. You know, because I’m on a mission to own everything cute and related to sewing. LOL!

  5. THis is really cool lisa

    Would you be interested in stopping over to and writing a tutorial for our users?

    Take care

    Craft Tutorials

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