We Interrupt This Sewing Blog for a Special Announcement…


Meet Jacob Joseph AKA the Jakester™…


Baby Brother to Emma


Madi and…


Little Miss Anna!


Proud Daddy Georgie Porgie gets the Ultimate Father’s Day gift!

My dear friend, Carrie, knew I would be looking for a new boy model for my Downtown Joey clothing line…see, my own son, Joey, is now 6 1/2 years old and will soon outgrow modeling.  So what does my buddy do?  She goes and grows a new little boy just for me.  Darn, now that’s a good friend!


Notice I stole a close-up shot from Carrie’s blog..I just had to get a closer look of Jacob’s precious lips.  I so want to bite those lips!  She’s lucky I don’t kidnap him.




  1. WOW ! Been waiting for this little one to come ….I really didnt believe it would be a boy until he was here !
    Congrads Carrie …GP and girls ! Hes delicious ….


  2. What a gorgeous family, and such a thoughtful friend. Too bad I don’t live closer. I have a couple darling boys in my family you could use for models too. 🙂

  3. Gasp! He’s just beautiful. And Anna is so grown up! And look at “my” Madi! Thanks for posting those pics, Lisa.

  4. Anna is SO grown…love the hair. And a boy for George. How wonderful!

    What a gorgeous family. Hope Carrie’s feeling good.

  5. HI Lisa!

    CONGRATS to Carrie–a breathtakingly beautiful family and CONGRATS to you and your Sunshine Girl for the success with the EPO shots! I haven’t talked to you in so long –and all these changes but one thing hasn’t–you are amazing in EVERY way!

    Check your email, I sent a letter to catch up!

    P.S. Jerry got his transplant so look for us at this year’s barbeque!

  6. i can almost smell that new baby smell oh sigh…..btw can i introduce him to my grand-niece arriving in september?

  7. I’m dying to go visit him…he’s way too yummy! And no, nobdy can have him…he’s all mine!

    Check YOUR email Anita…WOW! Way to go!

    With friendship,

  8. A baby, a baby! What a beautiful family!

  9. The minute I opened this blog post, I didn’t even have to read and I knew it was Carrie’s baby.

    How incredibly handsome is HE!!!!!!!!!


  10. Adorable! 😀 All those children are beautiful! What a great looking family. 🙂

  11. I am beyond jealous! I love the name of your blog, btw.

  12. You are so funny! Thanks all for the kind words 🙂 And to my great friend Lisa…what are friends for..haha

  13. A boy is such a nice addition to Carrie’s bunch! Isn’t he darling?!

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