Home for Now and Some New Robert Kaufman Fabrics

We made it home from the Philadelphia hospital late last night.  It took more than 4 hours to discharge us as we couldn’t find a pharmacy which stocked the necessary medications.  But problem solved.  Whew!

Today we have a visiting nurse coming to teach us how to give EPO injections (which the Sunshine Girl will need 3 times a week until she gets her new kidney).  But the good news is the pediatric nurse they’ve assigned us is the same nurse who took care of her for 2 years when she was an infant.  Yippee!!!

I truly want to thank everyone for their emails, e-cards, prayers and support over the last two weeks.  You girls are the best!  Thank you so much.

Ok…now let’s talk FABRIC!  Check out Robert Kaufman’s You Got the Notions fabrics available in July:










The fabrics come in 3 different color ways.  I’m definitely going to be adding some of these delicious prints to my collection.

Today the temperature is nuts…it’s going to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit here in NYC…OMG!  Thankfully we have central air conditioning!  Keep cool!




  1. So glad to hear you are both home again! Sorry that you’re being welcomed back by such steamy weather, though. That’s about what it’s like down here and I’ve been sweating up a storm. Yuck! Love the new fabrics. I think I need to make a purse with some of those, especially “Make it Work.” Tim Gunn is my hero!

  2. hello. i have never really commented before but i’m an avid subscriber/reader. 🙂 i hope things get way better for all of you. take care!!!

    ps: yes the weather in the city is really REALLY terrible… i’m just sitting at home sweating like a pig. i need to buy an a/c!!! i can’t breathe!

  3. lisakingsley says:

    I am so glad your Sunshine Girl gets to come home. What a blessing for all of you.

    I’m loving the new prints that are coming out soon. I need to get some fabric out of my stash so I have space for more. Guess that means I will have to do some sewing. Oh darn.

  4. Lynn (47cats) says:

    Oh great!!!!!!! I’m so glad Marielle is home. This news makes my day. It is hotter than heck here also. In the 90’s. We have been having real weird weather here lately. Total yuck!

  5. I’m glad you’re both home and that you have a good nurse to take care of your beautiful Sunshine Girl! I actually like heat, but not humidity so while I don’t think the heat is so bad, the humidity makes it so much worse. Just an excuse to stay inside in the ac and sew, right?! 😉

    I really like the new fabrics. Very cute!

  6. Hey Lisa,

    Glad you all made it home safely. Keep us posted. Sending loads of prayers.

    Have fun fabric shopping…those prints are so fun!


  7. OMG Lisa , you just dont stop ….you just keep going and going …..Im here in NYC and this weather is KILLING Me ….and youve just brought your Sunshine girl home , have her settled and your off doing MORE.

    GImme some of whatever your taking …..My kids are lucky if I can get them into the sprinklers today …….

    ( so happy to hear the beautiful one is home )


  8. I thought of you this weekend when my 20 yr old son announced that he is going to Tulane Hospital in New Orleans to be evaluated to see if he can give one of his best friends a kidney. He asked me what I thought and I told him, well, how can you NOT? I laughed and told him if it does turn out to be him, remember when he is recuperating at my house that God loves a cheerful giver!!

    Here is hoping your beautiful girl is surrounded by generous people too!

  9. Lisa
    I am so glad you are back home with your sunshine girl. I am still praying for you all. What a gorgeous young woman Marielle is turing out to be!
    Love ya

  10. LIsa,

    I have not been blogging much since we moved and have yet to fully unpack because other things seem so much more important but I was catching up on some of my peeps and saw your posts and I am so happy that you guys are home now and that Sunshine Girl was able to enjoy B-day dinner at the Palm. My prayers go out for you and your family as you travel down this road. I honestly cannot imagine going through another transplant, I admire your spunky spirit and your ability to dance in the rain.

    Take care!!!!

  11. JUst thinking of you guys on Fathers Day , and hoping the beautiful one is able to spend time with the Daddy who spoils her ( and YOU ) SOOOOO much !


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