Must Sew


I forgot to bring my vintage sewing box to the hospital.  Darn…cause I really need to do some sewing.  Even if it is just learning some hand embroidery…anything.  Maybe I’ll finally learn how to smock using those smocking stickers…maybe.

When I’m not doing something with my hands, my mind tends to wander…and that’s not a good thing these days.  There is only so much Law & Order one can watch and BINGO one can play (especially considering B5, B13, I27 and N33 are missing from the box).

Not to worry…I drove home to NY in the wee hours of the morning.  I needed my vintage sewing box some more clothes .  My Sunshine Girl has been asking me to make something similar to one of these in her size:


I’ve also been missing my garden.  Two weeks ago, I bought a bunch of annual flowers.  Guess I’ll just have to leave them on my neighbor’s porch as I won’t have time to plant them this year.  I was going to have my Expensive Gardener plant tons of annuals like he did last year, but the $2,200 bill he gave me persuaded me to do it myself this year.


But luckily I planted some Tall Bearded Iris from my favorite Iris farmer and some other perennials so I will have flowers this Summer.


There was lots of packages waiting for me when I arrived home.  I smiled when I opened the box that contained these two books I won on e-Bay for a mere $2:



Score!  Well, I’m off to sort some laundry (Mr. Diva can’t seem to figure out how to do this and call the laundry guy for pick-up.  Unbelievable.)

The Sunshine Girl is still hospitalized in Philadelphia.  She’ll be undergoing some tests tomorrow and is on a liquid diet today.  Mr. Diva and my little guy are supposed to be driving down there today to spend the day with her woke up complaining of kidney stones.  I think I’ll scream if Mr. Diva ends up in the hospital, too.


P.S. – My Koi fishies are still alive and doing well.  All is good in the world.



  1. Hi Lisa, I have a couple of those Jack Handford books as well. Darn, in fact, I’ll have to go look because I think I have two of one. If it’s not the one you already have, I’ll email you. That top is too cute. I think your daughter would look lovely in it. Plus, it’s PINK! We love pink, right? My youngest daughter and I are the same way. Hopefully, Mr. Diva is alright. Take care of you.

  2. Oh my…my DH was in the hospital two weeks ago with kidney stones. I’ve never seen anyone in that much pain. Far worse than I remember my childbirth experiences. I will remember your Mr. Diva in prayer. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. Poor guy. 😦 😦


  3. I hope all is well with your daughter. When you mentioned learning to smock while your daughter is hospitalized, I was reminded of the company “Amanda Remembered.” The mother of Amanda learned to smock whilst her daughter was in the hospital and now she sells tons of smocked dresses and such. Let me see if I can find the link… The story is pretty sad (the daughter passes away from leukemia) but she is remembered through the garments her mother makes.

  4. Ooh. Sorry to Mr. Diva. I have had a bout of pancreatitis lately which is messing with my MS, and none of that is any fun.

    Hang in there and enjoy the handiwork. I find that embellishing things with beads is pretty relaxing. Then again, I never met a fabric I couldn’t embellish! Hope Marielle gets some good news soon.

  5. If the beautiful one is asking for clothes to be made for her , then surely thats a good sign shes feeling a bit better ?? I really hope so Lisa ……you both have been thru so much you deserve some down time just to enjoy life this summer . Can I get something for the beautiful one ? I truly dont have my hands full the way I used to ….Gary is on a regular schedule , so are the babies ….the littlest one walking …I have a nice bit of help and can steal away for an entire day if I need to . I would love to come to Philly , let Gary and the girls go sightseeing and just sit and have some coffee with you or something . You should let people DO FOR YOU the way you always do for others . Its a sign of friendship and loyalty ! And if ANYONE deserves it , YOU DO .

  6. What a beautiful top! I can’t blame your girl for wanting one (me, too!). Hope the Mr. is feeling better soon.

  7. Hi, I am so very glad to have stumbled on your blog! I am praying for you daughter; so sorry to hear of all the trials y’all are going through. I’ll keep checking back for updates!

  8. Lisa, I just ran across your blog today and am so glad to find you 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear that your sweet daughter is in the hospital. I’ll be praying.


  9. I hope your husband is on the mend, everything is going well with testing on your daughter and your little guy is doing ok. Wow! Hope that sewing box is helping with the stress, but I think it is alot to ask of a sewing box. BTW I have that same sewing box. It was my first one. Now, don’t tell me you bought yours in an antique shop! Will keep you and your family in our prayers!

  10. Hi, I recently came across your inspirational web site. It has really motivated me to get busy organizing my craft and sewing supplies. The pink t-shirt is stunning. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s and husband’s illnesses. I have just forwarded your daughter’s name on my list of prayer intentions to
    the Franciscan Mission Associates. They are having month long prayers June 5 – June21 to St Anthony and June 2 to June 19 to the Holy Spirit. I will also be praying for the health of your family and the success of your business venture.

  11. How is Sunshine girl doing?

  12. Omg that is the CUTEST appliqued onsie! I just love the color and the assymetrical placement. Thank goodness I have 6 more months to start making all these wonderful newborn and baby items I’ve been seeing on everyone’s blogs!

  13. Thanks girls! I love the Amanda Remembered line…what a wonderful way to keep the memory of her daughter alive.

    With friendship,

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