Starting a Children’s Clothing Line – Part 222

Ok…so maybe it’s not Part 222, but it certainly isn’t part 2…LOL.  I finally narrowed down my fabrics to 8 main prints and worked for a week on figuring out how the fabrics could all work together in my upcoming boys’ clothing line.


This was no easy task trying to find a way to connect them so they looked like they belonged together.  Before you even worry about who you’ll hang with (displayed along side a competitor in a boutique), you have to be able to hang with yourself.  By this I mean your line needs to look like it belongs to the same collection.

This wouldn’t have been difficult if all the prints were from the same color family…but no, I had to challenge myself to make my black prints work with my brown prints.  The way I accomplished this was by using one of two contrasting prints with each of the 8 main fabric prints:

MMC0886_Turq MMC0886_Tangerine

By using these two contrasting prints, I could tie the line together (and make great use of fabric allocation).  So now all the dress shirts fit together.  Then came the issue of knit shirts.  Using aqua blue, dark brown and rust knit fabric, I could match at least two knit shirts to each print shirt.  And I was even able to match all three knit shirts to certain dress shirt prints.  This is so important as it makes merchandising the line much easier for the boutiques.


Keeping with the aqua blue, dark brown and rust theme, I then moved onto the pants.  Using these colors for the pants, I decided on contrasting topstitching and waistband lining with one of the contrasting fabric prints above.  I then did the same thing for the sweatshirts and hats.

Now that I’ve ironed out all the fabrics, I need to work on final design sketches to send to my pattern maker.  Along with the sketches, I’ll need to send my line sizing guidelines (every designer should have a good idea of how they’d like their line to fit their target customer).

On Tuesday, I’m have a meeting with a label company to figure out my leather jeans label and some other garment labels.  I’m hoping my Sunshine Girl is out of the hospital by then…keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my life at a standstill.  My lonely new garden room cushions (don’t you just love Joel Dewberry fabrics or what?)…


My new polka dot ironing board cover waiting to be taken out of it’s package…


All my new wall art (yes, those are custom hand painted D I V A letters) for my sewing room…


I’m missing my things terribly.  Although the hospital is only 5 minutes away from my home, I only get to stop by twice a day for a quick shower and a few minutes of email.

My Sunshine Girl is still having trouble keeping her blood pressure down.  And she’s miserable with stomach cramps.  But lots of friends and family continue to visit her everyday to cheer her up.

So many people have come forward to help and the outpouring of support and prayers is humbling.  Thank you for making it all bearable.




  1. Lisa, I am so sorry that your Sunshine Girl is still in the hospital and not feeling well. Bless your hearts! I hope that she gets out of the hospital soon. Please know that I think about you and your family every day because I know this has to be an incredibly stressful time for you.

    On a brighter note, I can’t wait until you can launch your boy’s clothing line! 🙂

  2. Fingers crossed that your Sunshine Girl is on her feet soon –

  3. Great color scheme for your clothes… as a beginning sewer (girls clothes though), I’m in awe of your designs. Fantastic ideas.

    On another note – only good thoughts for your beautiful daughter.

  4. You absolutely amaze me. Here you are with a daughter in the hospital and you still have time to work on your boys clothing line and even write a blog post to keep us updated. My heart goes out to you and I pray that your daughter recovers quickly. I also know your clothing line will be a huge success, and having two grandsons now, I’ll be in line waiting to buy some. Take care of yourself too!

  5. Praying for Marielle, hon.
    If love and attention could cure her, she’d be home by now. I’m sure all her boutique aunties are praying heavily for her.

  6. Lynn (47cats) says:

    Give her my love! Does she have email at this hospital?
    Lynn 🙂

  7. Girls…your words mean so much.

    Lynn…no email at the hospital in NYC…would you believe they don’t even give us internet access? However, when we get to the hospital in Philadelphia, we’ll update you with the email address.

    Thanks everyone. You’ve brightened my day.

    With friendship,

  8. Hi Mrs. Diva
    Just got back from a ‘long weekend’. Took 3 days off work and flew out West to help my oldest DD with her wedding plans.
    I am sorry to hear your daughter is so ill. She is in my thoughts for fast healing and for a speedy ‘soon to be blessed with a new kidney’ recovery. YOU and Mr. Diva are in my thoughts for STRENGTH to carry through this trying time and to come out the stronger for Little Miss Diva’s sake. My thoughts are with little Master Diva, too.

    Lisa, did your family get tested to see if anyone was compatable to her to be able to donate one (we only really need one to fully function)? I say this because YEARS ago, my sister was in need of a kidney, my parents and I were tested, my mom and I were compatable but mom donated one of her’s because I had little kids to take care of and with it being major surgery, takes time to heal. The new kidney gave my sister a new lease on life….

    Glad you are blogging, planning your line…you need to carry on with mind challenging ‘things’ during this time…will keep you healthy. Your daughter will thank you for it! I know when she needs you, you are there for her!

    Take Care Girlfriend….

  9. Justine Frood says:

    can you tell me where you got that polka dot ironing board cover? I am looking for one but I need it for a wall mount?… any suggestions?… thanks!

  10. So sorry to hear about you daughter. I hope everything went well seeing that your last update was a while ago.
    I am in the begining stages of starting a girls wear line and wanted to know how did you source fabrics for your company? did you just go to any facbric store or did you source it from overseas?

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