Oh and Happy Birthday to Me


My Sunshine Girl has been hospitalized since last night.  The doctors are not sure what is causing her problems this time.  It could be a multitude of things…her hemoglobin is once again lower than normal, her kidney numbers have skyrocketed (BUN 59) and her blood pressure is through the roof (178/130).

But if I was to guess, I’d say she hasn’t had migraines all along…that it’s her uncontrolled high blood pressure causing all her headaches…KWIM?  And her elevated kidney levels are the slow deterioration of her kidneys.

Today is my 45th Birthday…guess we’ll have to put off the celebration until we get my Sunshine Girl home.


Update:  After a VERY LONG night with her blood pressure spiking to 180/133, the doctors administered 6 times the dose of blood pressure medicine and were able to get her blood pressure down to 122/80.  That was the longest 3 hours!  Whew!

And although it looks like they will be able to control her blood pressure, the bad news is her kidneys are shot.  Doctors are estimating she has no more than 20% kidney function and transplant is inevitable much sooner than later.  They suggested I get her listed for a kidney transplant, so we are being referred to the center where she had her liver transplant 14 years ago.

I want to send a big thank you to all of you–your kind words and support truly make a different and give me strength to continue down this path.




  1. Hope your daughter recovers and is back home soon. I’m a native NYer living in Honolulu. I get such a kick out of you and your blog. You give me a taste of my NY. I can hear the NY attitude with my eyes closed.

  2. LIsa, I’m so sorry that your daughter is in the hospital! That is so stressful on the whole family! I hope she feels better and gets to come home soon.

    Happy Birthday–even though you may have to celebrate it on another day. I hope you can have a really happy day soon. 🙂

  3. I hope your daughter feels better soon! {Sending hugs} Happy Birthday for when you do get to celebrate it.

  4. This makes me sad to read this. Sending you big hugs and big prayers for M and you.

    Hang in there birthday girl.

  5. You’ve been through so much as a mom! My prayers are with you and your daughter today. When she does com home it will be a double celebration. :o)

    And re the migraines, my guess is that Mom knows.

  6. well, I hope she is home soon and that someone can get to the bottom of what’s going on. I truly hope that there are rays of beauty strewn through your day, regardless of these circumstances…

  7. Best wishes for a quick recovery and a belated happy birthday!

  8. Also here wishing you a happy birthday and speedy recovery to your daughter.

  9. Hi Lisa:
    I’m so very sorry to hear about your daughter! I hope that they can figure out what is going on and get her healthy and home to you! And Happy Birthday to you as well!

    This probably has nothing to do with your daughter’s ailments, but I thought I would pass it along anyways. A really close friend of mine was going through unexplicable ailments throughout the years and the doctors had no idea what was going on. This past summer she got really serious and still had no answers. Long story short, her body was violently reacting to msg which is in most of the foods we consume without even knowing it. Now she is on a msg-free diet and is completely healthy. I wouldn’t have ever believed it if I didn’t know her. Anyways, you can check out the site and I know that as her mother you know your daughter best.

    Best to you and your family! -Rachel


  10. Robyn Kirk. New Zealand says:

    Happy Birthday Lisa and know that know that our good wishes are with you and ‘The Sunshine Girl’.

  11. Happy birthday! Your daughter is in my prayers today. Hope she comes home soon!

  12. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I am sening lots of birthday wishes for you and prayers for sunshine girl!

  13. Oh Lisa, I cry every time I read one of these. You know I’m a Jesus Freak but it makes me want to stomp my foot and say Lord, enough already! Ya know?
    You’re always an example of how to handle these things with grace though. Praying the Sun is Shining again soon and that the doctors find ANSWERS!

    And today is my Chloe’s birthday too – wonderful day for a birthday – her party is Saturday, hope y’all feel like celebrating by then too. ❤

  14. Lynn (47cats) says:

    Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear Marielle is in the hospital again. Damn, it just never seems to stop does it.

    Happy Birthday my dear sweet friend.

  15. Hope they get that blood pressure under control quickly. I’m sure she’d much rather be home celebrating with her mom.

  16. Sending you & the family some well wishes & e-hugs

  17. Lisa, I am so sorry to hear that your daughter needs a kidney transplant. Bless both of your hearts! I am glad that the doctors finally got her blood pressure under control and figured out what was wrong, though.

    Prayers and good wishes coming your way.

  18. Hope your daughter gets that new kidney fast.

    Happy belated birthday to you.

  19. LISA ! I just saw this ……Im not going to say HAppy Birthday to you yet cuz its NOT …Ill wait till the gorgeous one is feeling better adn you can really celebrate . Oh no , your sunshine girl …hasnt she already paid her dues ! She deserves a break already !

    Please know youll be in my thoughts and prayers , and of course Im so close , if you need anything you just call ok??? Anything !

    Big HUgs,

  20. I’ve been an “admirer” for awhile, but now seems a good time to comment. Wishing your family only good thoughts through all the crazy times. As a mother of 2 daughters, I can’t imagine what you go through when your “baby” needs medical intervention.

    Happy Birthday…

  21. Oh, Lisa! I am so sorry to hear that your baby is sick! I know she isn’t really a baby, but they are always ‘our babies’, aren’t they?? I will remember your family in my prayers!
    Stay strong! Is there anything I can do?

  22. Lisa,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Marielle.


  23. so sorry to hear your news…
    wishing all the best for your sunshinegirl, you and your family

  24. Sending positive thoughts and good wishes to your girl. Bx

  25. I am so sorry to read this. I pop in here every once in awhile to see what’s up with your business, but had no idea you all were facing this. Very sorry to hear it. You and yours will be in my prayers.


  26. I am sooo sorry I am so late on all this Lisa–I have been so out of the loop lately.

    Happy Belated Birthday, and I am just speechless about Marielle! Bless you both and know that we are praying hard for her!

  27. sending love and best wishes for you and your daughter Marielle. I hope she is feeling much better soon and that the hospital can find her a new kidney. Take care


  1. […] company to figure out my leather jeans label and some other garment labels.  I’m hoping my Sunshine Girl is out of the hospital by then…keep your fingers […]

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