Liza D.’s 2 Day Fashion School in NYC

This morning I’m heading to Liza D.’s 2-Day Fashion School in NYC.  Unlike the first seminar I attended, this one is in a different location and is much more intensive.  The course outline covers a lot more and will hopefully provide additional information I need to launch my boys’ clothing line.


(photo by David Shankbone, 2007)

oh and just one thing that has me a bit frazzled–the Manhattan Bridge.  Don’t laugh, but even thought I’ve been a New Yorker all my life, I’ve NEVER drove over the Manhattan Bridge.  Why?  Well, I prefer to drive through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to get to Manhattan.  Usually there is less traffic and then driving up the West Side Highway is so much more pleasant than the FDR Drive on the East Side.


So last night I asked Mr. Diva if the Manhattan Bridge is the bridge that has the train which runs under it.  Nope…the trains run along side the cars on the lower level…OMG…now I’m petrified!  7 lanes of roadway, 4 train tracks , pedestrians, and bicycles…just lovely.  Luckily it is a sunny day, because if it was raining, I’d probably be having an anxiety attack by now.  Seriously.

Enough about that.  Now check out what Ingrid of Cherry Tree Graphics did for me yesterday:

Art work for my Metal Jeans Snap


Leather Jeans Label


You cannot imagine how many hours I’ve put into trying to get my metal jeans snap manufactured!  The leather jeans labels are nowhere near as difficult to source.  And some of the minimums for the custom metal jeans snaps are 10,000 sets…ugh!  I could use 1,000 sets, but definitely not 10,000…KWIM?

Well, hope your day is off to a great start!




  1. I can’t wait to see your newly launched boy’s clothing line! I have grandsons, you know. 😉 😀

  2. Yeah Im waiting on you too ! I have nephews !

    I may JUST have to have a boy baby so he can wear some of your goods !

    Hey that traffic pattern thing youve got up there ….you forgot to put YOU ….speeding in and out of each and every lane …..true NY style !


  3. I am very interested in how the 2 days of fashion thing goes. Make sure to post about that.

    Good luck with your children’s line. Starting a clothing line can be very trying- I know, I have a lingerie line I started about 6 years ago, but now I do that on the side and teach for a living.

    I am out in San Francisco and recently started a new company that does similar workshops, but with smaller groups (max of 12). So, needless to say, I am very curious as to what attendees get out of it. If you are out our way, maybe check us out.

  4. Hey Lisa! I love the labels for Joey. Did he finally out grow those lounge pants. 😦
    Hugs to ya!

    Challice (Chautona’s eldest)

  5. The class sounds cool! Loving the snaps and leather labels. Does it feel like it’s coming together the way you want?


  1. […] City Driving.  Tomorrow I’m meeting 2 fellow fashion designers from my Fashion Incubator clan.  We’re attending the About Sources’ seminar on Fabric Sourcing.  Let’s hope it’s worth the $40 parking cost.  Thankfully I can take the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel instead of the Manhattan Bridge…yippee! […]

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