Wordless Wednesday Once Again



(t-shirt I painted back in the 70s…like 30 years ago!  Inspired by Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.”)

Hope on over to Wordless Wednesday!




  1. I have lost my voice, so, for me, I am enjoying my Wordless Wednesday!!!
    I am off to finish a dress for myself for my oldest dd’s wedding shower, on the 22, I am moving this weekend…priorities..I have most of my new sewing space set up, almost in working order. Just need to wait for my serger desk to be moved over on the weekend.
    Once I get back from out west (Calgary, Alberta) from the wedding shower (the wedding is out west too) I have 2 weeks to sort and organize before 2 of the bridesmaids (one is my second oldest daughter) are flying in for bridesmaid dress fittings being made and sent home with them. They will be here from the 12 – 15 for fittings and the dresses will be complete then. My youngest dd is also in the wedding party so will make her dress after that…oh and I have to make her prom dress for the 25th of June. I made one for her g/f a few weekends ago….oh and then I get to make my dress for the wedding. I have a g/f making 500 (that many guests) hearts Eing “Heather & Reid” and “July 19, 2008” on them, I am turning them, stuffing them and stitching up the seam! Lord give me strength, help time slow down and pray that I get them all done!!!
    Isn’t life grand!!!! Oh, did I mention I work full time too! LOL
    Lisa I love your blog….which I look forward to reading….I am not the only one with such a busy, full but very loving life!

    Jane Doe
    London, Ontario, Canada

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