Sew…This is Life in NYC

Still trying to get wholesale pricing on my custom metal jeans buttons which are inspired by NYC manhole/sewer covers.  Came across a photo of a real one.  Notice the “Made in India” inscription…LOL!


Speaking of NYC, I had two visitors today…DUCKS invaded my fish pond.  Now for those of you that live in country, please understand this is a big deal.  Really.  Only once in the last 10 years have these ducks stopped by my property.


I had to bait them with hot dog rolls to get them out of my pond.  I was afraid my little koi would be eaten and my big koi fishies would get spooked and then jump out of the pond.  Once the ducks were out of the pond, I chased them around my yard with a broom until they flew away.

Just another exciting day here in NYC.

With friendship,




  1. That must have been a sight =P

  2. Can you imagine the hidden camera images of you bribing the ducks and then chasing them away with a broom?
    I have had similar experiences with birds flying into the open doors of our house and I have had to try to gently chase them back out of the doors before they pooped on everything!

  3. I do love ducks when they visit…. I get packs of wild turkeys who visit several times each day. They love to look in my windows and see their reflection. Very surreal…

  4. OMG…the image of you luring them out and then running at them with a broom is priceless! ROFLMBO


  1. […] like Tony Soprano and the ducks in his pool, the ducks keep appearing in my life.  The same two ducks who were taking up residence in my pond last week have now joined me over at the hospital.  […]

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