Happy Mother’s Day


Please explain to me why my children don’t completely suck up to me on Mother’s Day.  I mean, it was ME who stood by my daughter’s hospital bed for a year.  It was ME who had to make all the difficult medical decisions.  It was ME who flipped a truck over a few times on the way back from my daughter’s transplant.  It was ME who gave birth to both of my children.  It is ME who worries endlessly about my daughter’s health.  It is ME who had to go to the stupid school plant sale every year.

So Mr. Diva gets the bright idea that I would love a home cooked meal on Mother’s Day…WRONG…I don’t want to have to spend the next two day cleaning up all the mess he makes.  Not fun.

Why is it that we can go out 5 nights a week, but on Mother’s Day, I am stuck home?  Doesn’t seem right, KWIM?  But I did talk Mr. Diva into doing a BBQ (and maybe I can even talk him into eating outside on the patio).


On the bright side, I did get my own Mom Crown and a Mom Memo Board from my 6-year-old son.  And check out what my 14-year-old daughter got me with Mr. Diva’s money:


Absolutely love my new Coach sunglasses.  I’m not the easiest on sunglasses.  I’m known to go through several pairs a year as I never put them back in their case.  Guess I’m going to have to more delicate with my new sunglasses.  I give them 6 months at most.

Speaking of Mothers…check out my local newspaper magazine:


Sarah Jessica Parker, who puts her name on the Bitten clothing line (everything is under $20), doesn’t seem to spend any bucks dressing her 5-year-old son.


He’d look so cute in some Downtown Joey boys’ clothing.  Don’t you think?  Instead she claims to she has NEVER bought him clothes, just new shoes.  She dresses him in hand-me-downs:


Maybe I’ll just have to send her some old samples…LOL!  More here.

Wishing all the Moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!




  1. The new shades are HAWT! And I think that little James W. definitely needs some Downtown Joey.

  2. LMAO .

    I dont have words cuz Im laughing!




  3. definitely, he could use some downtown j!

    Love the sewer buttons btw.

    And I love the hat..but really feeling theneed to see you in the hat AND the glasses. Can just picture it.

    My Dh’s idea of a great mothers day was mowing the lawn for me…and edging the sidewalk…the lawn obsession has begun. sigh.

  4. You definately should send that child some downtown joey!

  5. Kewl shades!

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