Designing Custom Metal Jeans Buttons

In designing my boys’ denim and twill pants, I need to get moving on ordering custom metal jeans buttons.  I’m undecided on which design to go with–a subway token or a sewer/manhole cover design.  Either metal button would need to be customized.  These are not final designs, just me and my friends playing with our graphics programs.

First, the NYC Subway Token…


Next, the NYC Sewer/Manhole Cover


I will eventually do both designs, please need to select ONE for the first collection.  Which do you prefer?

Also, if anyone has a good source for custom metal jeans buttons, I’d love a recommendation (whether US or overseas).

Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing Saturday!




  1. I love manhole cover the BEST but both are equally adorable!! you are such a genius!

  2. I love the manhole. Very cute, Lisa! I wish my boys were still little enough to wear your stuff!

  3. My vote is for the manhole!

  4. I like both of them, but because we live where there isn’t a subway, the token wouldn’t be obvious to me. So manhole. :o)

  5. I love both of them, but would choose the manholecover.
    That’s more clearer downtown than the subway token.

    good luck on your collection

  6. Since I’m in the stormwater business I’m partical to the manhole cover, but I also think it would allow the buttons to relatebetter to areas that don’t have subways. Manhole covers are more universally iconic.

  7. I like the manhole/sewer cover best. Looks more unique than the subway token.

  8. LOVE the manhole cover! My sons are really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they’d love those best too.

  9. Awww…see, I knew I could count on my blogging buddies to help with this decision!

    Manhole covers it is!

    Thanks a trillion!

    With friendship,

  10. la la la la I’m not reading the other comments la la la la

    My vote is for the second. They just look soooooo coooooooool!

  11. well Mary…I’m so glad you shared your opinion. ROTFLMAO!

    With friendship,

  12. I like the second!

  13. manhole!

  14. I like the manhole cover, too. I can’t wait to see your first collection! 🙂

  15. Definitely Manhole Cover!

  16. Isaac ramirez says:

    The manhole cover is awesome. Good luck wth your collection.

  17. Can you post a tutorial (or the actual vector or photoshop file???) as to how you created the subway token art? I have a project I’m working on in which I need that pattern…I have Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Thank you so much!


  18. I love the manhole too! I am in the process of designing my own clothing line as well and was wondering if you ever found any good leads for the buttons?

  19. Tanamara Gustave says:

    I love the manhole button. It looks more urban. I was just wondering where are you sending the order because I need to make some buttons for my jeans

  20. I have a horse head logo that i would like on a button for jeans. Can you help me?
    Thanks Debbie Chazin 651-592=7890

  21. Sorry Debbie. I wouldn’t know who to even send you to.

    With friendship,

  22. Hi i need a picture of a NYC manhole that is 96 dpi made into 300dpi, I was wondering if you do that?

  23. Sherry…search on Google images.

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