How to Make a Child’s Pettiskirt Video Instructions

While perusing the Martha Stewart web site, I came across a video segment on how to make a little girl’s pettiskirt:

Pettiskirt Instruction Video


Here’s another helpful link:

Measuring for a Pettiskirt from e-How


Tomorrow Diana and I are finally going to see The Martha Stewart Show in NYC!  The show will be taping their annual Mother’s Day Special.  Several times we were asked to give up our tickets (we agreed once and were rewarded with VIP seating for this show).


Although I might goof on Martha occasionally, I absolutely think she is the BOMB!  You can say what you want, but she is the original Domestic Diva!  So even if she has a large staff and oodles of cash, she has put herself out there and made herself into a household name…KWIM?




  1. I actually tried to make one about a year ago and gave up. Too much gathering! LOL!

  2. LOL Mary! I’ve made two pettiskirts and yes…what a pain! But they are cute…KWIM?

    with friendship,

  3. Oooh. My youngest would love one of those. But all the gathering – Eeks! I’ll have to make sure she doesn’t see that picture, lol.

  4. Hehe keely I know your feeling I have just learned to make tutus and she loves them…this is my next step…but looks so HARD. Like you said cant let my little girl see that!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this. I make tutus but have been thinking about adding pettiskirts to my line. I’ll try it, wish me luck!

  6. I made one a couple of years ago from Martha’s site. Yikes. It turned out great but all of those gathering stitches were no fun. About a year later I decided to tackle it again. Two things made it much easier that time. First, I discovered a website where you can order the nylon already cut into strips on a roll! This was a huge time saver. They are available in many colors and widths.I bought mine from AFC-Express.
    Next, while looking for other helpful hints, I ran across a blog with another huge time saving tip.
    Adjust your sewing machine tension so that when you stitch it magically ruffles hug nylon. This may require some practice runs on extra fabric but will save you tons of time in the end. Remember to leave the thread VERY long on each end for adjustment as you pin it onto the next piece.
    Lastly but just as important, begin your pettiskirt from the bottom and go up. It is much easier to sew a gathered piece onto a flat piece instead of a gathered one.
    I have made three complete skirts now, am working on two more now and with six granddaughters, I foresee more in the future. Good Luck! The smiles and twirls from those little faces makes it all worth the trouble!

  7. Vicki…thanks for the tips!

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