Sew Looking Forward to Fabric Wonderland!


I’ll be leaving for California this morning to go to the LA International Textile Show and meet up with several of my friends from Fashion Incubator!  In addition, I’ll be sourcing knit fabrics for my Spring/Summer 2009 boys’ clothing line, Downtown Joey, in the LA fashion district with Lady M™ (aka Myrinda of Fabric Hound).  Talk about Fabric Wonderland–not to mention 4 days with no kids!!!


On Friday my Mom and Step-Dad flew in from Florida to watch the kids while I’m gone.  Mr. Diva™ is finishing up his 27th tax season…so he’s quite busy this week.  It’s probably the worst week for me to leave, but heck, I NEED to source my fabrics in order to finish my design sketches.


The flight from NYC to Los Angeles is almost 6 hours.  Ugh.  I’m bringing Mr. Diva’s™ insanely heavy laptop (but heck, it does have a 17″ screen and I’ve got lots of movies…hope no kids are sitting next to me on the flight as everything is rated R).  I will be working on both my business plan and children’s clothing boutique database…but then again, I’m easily distracted and will probably end up chewing off the ear of the poor soul who sits next to me on the plane.


(Illustration by John Shakespeare)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the people in my row on the plane are friendly, don’t talk too much, aren’t wearing obnoxious perfume, don’t have bad breath and had a shower today.  Not much to ask, right?  LOL!  Also hoping there are no crying babies or even worse…a baby who needs a diaper change, but their mother is oblivious to it.  Every seat on the plane is sold out, so it’s going to be crowded.  Not only is it Passover, but with all the airline flight cancellations, it’s going to be jammed!  Mr. Diva™ had suggested I fly First Class when I was booking my flight, but I didn’t want to waste the extra money as it would cut into my fabric budget…KWIM?

Still, I’m beyond excited!  I haven’t been on vacation in 10 friggin’ years!  With the health problems my daughter has had, I’ve been afraid to go anywhere.  So understand, this is a big deal for me.

I promise to take lots of pics to share upon my return!  Try to behave yourselves while I’m gone.





  1. Have a wonderful trip! Good luck with your clothing line. I can’t wait to see all your creations in the stores! 🙂

    I think you are on a wonderful journey and one of these days, I can say that I “knew you when” 😉

    Have tons of fun and come back and share pictures with us! 🙂

  2. Ooh! The LA Fashion District is the best! I’m sure you’re going to have a great trip.

  3. Have a great time, Lisa!

  4. Have a fantastic time – try to behave yourself! 🙂

  5. Lynn (47cats) says:

    Have a great time Lisa! You certainly deserve it. 🙂

  6. Good luck! Hope the trip goes well!

  7. Sitting here in total envy ! You get to see Lady M and The lovely JEss !

    ( psst ….lift some toffee off her for me ok ? )

    You and me both with the havent had a vacation in a long time due to health problems in the family …so I totally know how much more this is going to mean to you !

    Im so exicted to see what you pick up …..too bad you cant tape you and Lady M together …you two are better than any comedy show when you two get each other going ……..

    Give them all a big hug from me …( thats probably the easiest way to lift the toffee …go for a long hug from JEss …but make sure shes near her pile of toffee …then just reach around …and SCORE ! )

    Come back and help me get fatter !


    Ill be waiting for you on y our doorstep …….


  8. I hope you have a great time! I wish I could go, too 🙂

  9. 10 years since your last vacation. It’s been 6 for me. I feel ya…..
    Your bog was interesting to me. Kind of motivational.
    Good luck with everything you do.

  10. heehee!!! We’re having lots of fun! Wish you could all be here with us!!!
    And I’ll see if I can’t get some tofee for you Sue 😉

  11. Hey how is the LA Fabric show? never been, just got back from Material World last week in MIAMI. Now I here that there will be no NY fabric show for fall….having a small stroke! Kim

  12. Kim-it was AWESOME! I have a retail fabric site that I bought from another gal and I’ve been looking to add several accounts…they were all there in one place which saved me SO much time!
    Plus, of course it was like kids in candy stores…gorgeous fabrics everywhere (I turned a blind eye to the ugly stuff, lol!), piles of notion and trim vendors and things I didn’t even know I needed…I highly reccomend and I’m planning to go again in the fall

  13. I just discovered your blog last night, and I am amazed and also grateful for your tips and candor! I am, “dabbling” with the idea of manufacturing on a VERY small scale with my daughter, and I think your ideas will help us. For now, we are just playing around with our new blog for fun. While I am teaching my daughter to sew, I hope we might form a small income business someday. Keep up the wonderful work you do and thank you as well for the safety tips for kids clothes! God Bless you! – Adrienne

  14. Hey Girls! I’m back and recommend anyone interested in sourcing fabrics visit the LA Fabric Show (TALA)…it was awesome!

    Kim…I know your DH from Fashion-Incubator…he’s terrific! And no…no Material World in NY this year…DRATS! But, why don’t you come to LA with us–we’ll have a BLAST!

    Thanks Adrienne…wishing you lots of luck in your new venture!

    With friendship,

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