Children’s Clothing Trade Show Display


Two weeks ago, I was playing around with ideas for my display booth (which I’m hoping to do at ENK Children’s Club in August).  Being that my new boys’ clothing line, Downtown Joey, is manufactured here in NYC, I figured “Downtown” was the perfect theme for my booth!  I based the design on my web site graphics:


Originally, I thought about buying one of these, but then I’d have to spend a lot on custom graphics:


Instead, I found this awesome City Light Backdrop which is 8 feet high by 12 feet long (I’ll need 3 of them to line all 3 walls).  It’s $159 from Stumps Prop and Party web site, but a little more Googling and I found it at Target for only $99…SCORE!


Behind the city backdrop, I’ll use Ocean Blue Seamless Backdrop Paper from B & H Photo.  I’ll only need 2 rolls of the 53 inch tall size as the city light backdrop with cover most of the walls:


I’ll have to get crafty and make a big cardboard cutout of the boy silhouette:


Don’t know if I’ll spring for it this year, but I was thinking these gray interlocking foam tiles would be great for flooring:


and then I could use some yellow electrical tape to make street lanes on the foam tiles:


For my garment rack, I was inspired by this bridge prop:


I have two of these garment racks:


I’ll add cardboard on each side to simulate a bridge:


To further give the feel of a city scene, I’ll add other props:


A traffic light like this in the back corner of the booth would be great:


Or one like this:


I also found some cool children’s street signs:


I found a seller on eBay who has dozens of 12 inch aluminum traffic signs:


or I can order a big 24 inch sign from this seller.

I’ll use the stop sign for the front of my table so buyers will know to stop and order:


and a One Way Sign to direct foot traffic INTO my booth…LOL  I also found some real street signs here:


I’m going to order some custom street signs.  Not sure exactly what I’ll have printed–perhaps “Broadway” or “Wall Street:”


Another neat prop was this fire hydrant toddler table.  I could use to as a riser for one of the mannequins:


or just get a fake fire hydrant:


I could always dress up as a fire hydrant:


And of course, I have the perfect giveaway…CARAMEL APPLES!  How clever!


I have a few months to finalize my plans.  I’m sure I’ll come up with a few more ideas in the meantime.  Stay tuned!




  1. Oh this is going to be fantastic!! What a a lot of fabulous ideas you have….can’t wait to see the finished pictures. How exciting!

    🙂 Rosie

  2. Those are some really fab ideas. I can’t wait to see it all put together…it will be spectacular.

  3. You have some awesome ideas here, Lisa!

  4. You are going to wow them at market!

  5. Your booth is going to be a knock out. Everything looks so lively and fun. One thing to consider though, if you dress as a fire hydrant, you might not want to allow dogs near your booth. LOL

  6. That sounds really awesome! Take lots of pictures at the show!

  7. Wow – it’s really all coming together! Looks like a lot of work, but it’s gotta be motivating knowing the final product will be so cool!

  8. Please don’t dress up like a hydrant. How about a meter maid? LOL

    BTW, I’ve tagged you.

  9. Fabulous ideas, very innovative and clever! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  10. LISA !

    ( in case you were wondering what in the hell that awful noise across the water was …..Its ME cheering for you !

    THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO exciting . I have ALOT of Catching up to do on the Diva ….so bear with me the next few days as I shower up on you all my thoughts …..( basiclly harrass you )

    You know what I mean !

  11. Lisa, you have probably already gotten one but I gave you an Excellent Blog award over at my blog ( You have such an awesome blog. I love learning from you!

  12. This looks amazing Lisa! Looks like you put tons of thought in it too!! Can’t wait to see it come to life!

  13. You are so creative! I admire your dedication. I too make lists and can’t live without them. Your concept and graphics for “Downtown Joey” are awesome…I wish you every success.

  14. When will the finished pictures be posted? I would really like to see the end results.

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