SEW…Your Favorite Creations

I asked all my blogging friends to send me pictures of their favorite thing they’ve ever made…and WOW!!!  I have a very talented bunch of sewing buddies!  On with the show…


I think my favorite thing I’ve ever made (so far) is the strawberry print rain jacket I made for my friend, Kate.

It was pretty difficult to maneuver with the sticky oilcloth, but it turned out really cute.  I used Cath Kidston’s Strawberry Blue oilcloth and Built By Wendy for Simplicity pattern #3694.  Thanks for including me in this! I can’t wait to see what everyone contributes!




My favorite thing I ever made was this quilt for my son for his graduation from High School.  He left Michigan for the mountains of California after graduation.  It makes me feel good to know that he is “wrapped” in the love of his family every night.



2007_Prom Eliz & H. A.

yes!    this has to be my fav!.. This time last year  I was madly sewing Vogue 2239 Vintage (1950 design).  for my daughter’s HS senior prom. Her date asked for matching bow tie AND suspenders!  I love a guy man enough to wear pink!!  I put a double layer of poly chiffon over polyester shantung ( it’s washable!)  I made a petticoat ( 8 yds tulle & net) sandwiched between 2 layers of poly lining.  The petticoat wraps double in back for extra poufiness that she wanted.  We used wide black grosgrain ribbon from my stash for a belt–felt it went with the retro look.   Did you ask for this many details?

2007 THS Prom King     

also attached is a pic of  the flowers,  Eliz designed and made hers, and I did his to match.  (along with a couple dozen others as part of  our business).

2007Prom Boutinierre 2007Prom Wristlet3

returning friendship.




Hi!  I’m a big fan of your blog, and I knew right away which photo to send for my favorite thing.  I made this dress for my daughter’s second birthday, and still can’t stop looking at it!

Laura Jones

Adventures in Sewing


finished kennedy quilt cropped

My favorite thing that I’ve made is this quilt.  I used the little guy’s baby clothes and chenille to put together this beautiful heirloom.  I would love to do a baby girl’s quilt someday to see the difference of colors.

finished kennedy quilt cropped button corners closeup

The mother sent me a box of her son’s clothes from California, I meticulously fussy cut them and stitched them together here in MO.  I backed it with a flannel and tied it with embroidery floss. 






Hi, I’m a fairly new reader of your blog, but I love it!  I check in every day and only wish I had half the sewing skills that you do.  I’m truly amazed.

Anyway, here is my favorite item that I’ve created.  I’m just learning how to sew, so this bib was a major accomplishment for me! 





I designed these cool (I think!) cell phone holders that clip onto a purse, tote, or belt loop. I designed the pattern, and it was my first one, and I “road tested” it for a good 3 months before I started selling them! I’ve made them in different size to fit different sized electronics and have even created some for special order.  It can be purchased, as can others, at my etsy shop.




Well, my absolute favorite is not finished just’s my Amy Butler weekender bag in houndstooth. Almost done..but if I had to choose right now, it would be the cape I made my mom for Christmas because it’s her most prized possession right now and the first thing I ever made her.




Yeah, I sewed through my own finger while working on that dress. The whole time I was in the ER, I was griping to my dad that I’d really wanted to get home to finish working on it. LOL!


Confessions of a Craft Addict


I think that my daughters Easter dress is my new favorite thing (Oilily Jumper Knock-Off).


Knit Sew Much



I can’t decide. But these days I’m still enjoying this quilt —

MB (MaryBeth)




My little sister ordered this is a diaper bag for one of her friends.  It’s my Tova bag with a funky business card holder, and Poop Pouch (holds two-three diapers and wipes).  She e.mailed and said she loved, loved, loved her bag – I always take that as a good sign.  🙂

Thanks and I hope you’re doing well!  🙂




ok, I’ll go with this one…

I can’t find the rest of the pics, but you KNOW there is a TON of tulle under there 😉

Fabric Hound



Okay, it is *really* hard to choose one favorite thing! But I
decided that my youngest daughter’s schoolhouse quilt is one of my
favorites. It was one of the very first pieced quilts I ever completed,
start to finish, my first block swap, my first real attempt at machine
quilting — and I just think it’s really cute.

Emily was about seven years old at the time, and when she saw all these colorful blocks, she begged me to make her a schoolhouse quilt. Little did I know that she would also beg for *every* quilt that followed. lol
The top and bottom borders are paper-pieced pencils and appliqued apples, and on the pencils I embroidered this verse: “Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to the words of knowledge. Proverbs 23:12”
I’m attaching photos of the quilt and the label on the back.



Thanks to everyone for their emails and pictures!  YOU LADIES ROCK!




  1. Oh my! Just wonderful!

  2. Wow lots of talent shown in this post . Some of them really make me wish my daughter was tiny again .
    Thanks for the great links as always

    Oh there’s a ” I ❤ you blog ” award on my blog for you (linked)
    I’m suppose to pass it on to three blogs I love to read
    feel free to pass it on if you like 🙂

  3. Wow! What a fabulous bunch of creations! I think every little girl’s dress pictured are my favorites. I am secretly hoping my daughter has a girl so I can whip up some of sweet things like that!

    Great Post 🙂 Rosie

  4. WOWZA – what a great variety of AWESOME creations! That little graffiti dress is RAD. 🙂

  5. Oh, great stuff in here. I love the raincoat and the oililly knockoff dress.

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