Sew…What Did the Easter Bunny Bring You?


Please tell me what genius created the Magic Wax Crayon and added it to the PAAS Easter Egg Cup Kits?  We could have done without it.


I really need to pay more attention to packaging…hence why we ended up with Peanut M & Ms when the kids prefer plain M & Ms…


My Little Jedi said the Easter Bunny and Mommy make his dreams come true.  Amazing what some Star Wars and sugar will do.



Mr. Diva remarked that my 14 year old daughter was too old for an Easter basket.  The young salesgirls at the Bebe Sport Store didn’t seem to think so.





I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Godchild today as I love to load her up with Hugs (sugar packed fruit drinks her mommy would never allow at home).





And my Little Jedi has already asked more than a dozen times when will his favorite cousin be here.




Today’s Menu includes a huge Turkey, Fresh Ham, Sausage Stuffing, Candied Sweet Potatoes and a bunch of other goodies!  Wishing all my friends in Blog Land a Sweet Easter!  YUM!!!




  1. Happy Easter, Lisa!

    Poor, disullusioned Mr. Diva. One is never too old for an Easter basket.

    Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you. We’re getting ready to head off to church now. I just love Easter services. 🙂

  2. Happy Easter!!!
    AS I have alway told my kids….you stop believing, you will not get the goodies that the Easter Bunny brings! Same for Christmas!!! You stiop believing in Santa Claus, he won’t bring you presents! LOL!!!

    Lisa and fellow bloggers, I wish each to have a wonderful day with your ‘family’!
    I am so far…. with the ones that are here… older kids are out west, but we keep in close touch, thank goodness for the internet!!

    Take Care….

  3. Lynn (47cats) says:

    Mr. Diva is a silly man!!!! Like Beth said, you are never too old for an Easter Basket. When my girls are here (ages 36 and 40) for Easter they also hunt for Easter eggs…especially the ones with money in them. LOL!

    It has been a very nice quiet day here just the 2 of us. I cooked almost all day, but enjoyed it.

    Happy Easter everyone.

  4. Yes, but the peanut ones look rather egg like. (yeah, I’m stretching.) My 17-year-old son looked horrified when I said something about the Easter Bunny not bringing him anything. I skipped the basket but did leave a pile of chocolate and a chocolate bunny for him.

  5. Lisa, hi!

    Thanks for the comments you left on my blog – “downsyndromeclothes” – about the upcoming textile show in LA. I also hang out on F-I, but I’m more of a lurker than a participant. Although, I have signed up for lunch on the 15th in Los Angeles and I am looking forward with great excitement (like a child who can’t wait for the big field trip) to meeting you and the other folks from F-I.

    Hey, I didn’t realize that you had a blog – let alone such a really neat one. I’ve added you to my favorites and I’ll be visiting regularly.

    Best, Sherry.

  6. look at all the goodies. Look like you guys had a wonderful Easter and that menu sounds so delicious right now. 🙂 Looking at your eggs just reminded me that we didn’t dye eggs this year! Easter seriously crept up on us.

  7. Hi
    I love your blog site. You rock with all your info and your Mr. Diva stories.

    I love it and appreciate your resourcefulness and humor. Thanks for all the great info.

    Keep crafting and sewing!

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