Tackle It Tuesday – Week 9

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I finished my last Tackle It Tuesday project that same day back in February.  Time to move on…LOL

First, I’d like to know who’s bright idea it was to have St. Patrick’s Day and Easter within the same week?


Anyway, I definitely had a lot to tackle today.  See, I couldn’t take down the St. Patrick’s decorations until this morning and I need to put up all the Easter decorations immediately.  I’m hosting Easter Dinner, so what’s Easter without a bunch of large cheesy plastic eggs blowing down the street and having near-misses with cars?  Exactly.


So off to work I went on the St. Patty’s Day decorations mess today!  By noon, not only had I gotten all of it packed and stored up in the attic, but…

I also got all the Easter decorations out and the entire house decorated!


I secretly smiled when I thought about my thirties…a time when I would go to Ceramics class with my friends for a Girls’ Night Out.  It was during these classes that I learned how to sand, glaze and paint the details of the dozens of ceramic creations that now fill my home.  No longer do I have the ability patience to do such detailed painting.  It’s enough to just have to take them out off the attic.

Enough about that…on with the tour:

The big bunny family in the front window…



the curio cabinets…


notice the little bunny under the mama rabbit’s tale…oh and if you push her cotton ball tail, it plays, “You Are My Sunshine!”  how clever…


easter5 easter6

Note to self:  change hot pink halogen light in second curio cabinet.

Over to the kitchen…


to the huge bunny cookie jar which has never seen a cookie cause it’s too darn heavy…anyway, we’d forget the cookies were in there and wouldn’t find them till next year…KWIM?


Of course there’s a Easter bow on the kitchen chandelier.  Make it with the Bowdabra:  Scrunch some tulle, then make your bow with wired ribbon and finally top it off with a smaller organza bow.  Oh and don’t forget to dovetail those ribbon ends.  You were warned.


Gotta love those Easter egg picks…just stick ’em in anything that has floral foam…


More bunny babies…

It finally occurred to me that I need to get rid of certain decorations which I’ve held onto for years.


What possessed me to buy such a fugly Easter tree?  Perhaps it was the persuasion of that darn Michael’s Craft Store’s 40% off coupon.  Don’t laugh…I know you have one, too.  Kind of reminds you of Charlie Brown’s tree, right?


easterugly2Another stupid purchase…candle eggs which come in there own little carton.  Umm, if you were to light one, not only would you no longer have an egg, but chances are the egg carton would catch on fire.  Brilliant.


I wonder what I was thinking when I purchased this lavender seashell print ribbon.  Once again, bad taste.

All were disposed of properly…aka garbage!



Head on over to Tackle It Tuesday to see everyone’s current projects!




  1. Holy moley, girl, you do know how to decorate for the holidays! Not only did I have zero St. Patrick’s Day decorations, but I tackled my Easter decorations today, too, and they are pitiful compared to yours! lol

    I have to say, your bunny family is absolutely adorable!!! Love all of your creations. So festive and beautiful. Great job!!

  2. Your easter decorations are very cute. All the bunnies are so much fun. We are pretty dull around here. I guess I don’t feel very springy when there is so much ugliness outside. I bet that having all that cheerful Easter stuff really helps to make everything look a little better.

  3. Wow! You’ve got a lot of Easter decorations — and some pretty ones, too! Now your place looks all festive and purty. You’d never know Easter was coming if you were at my house.

  4. Honestly, can you really be held accountable for what you buy when faced with a huge discount/sale? No. I think not. 🙂

  5. Hey, Lisa…..How about a meme? I was inspired by Jen of Olivespearls. List 14, and then tag five others.

    Check out my blog for what I mean.


  6. sometimes it is like looking my OWN ceramic creations
    i use to paint for a living and sold thru 10 retail stores from stone mtn, georgia and other shops in Texas, everyone of the easter items i have sold. wow. thank for reminding me i should be
    painting still

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