National Quilt Day and Another Tool in my Sewing Room

Today is National Quilt Day!  Party on at your local Quilting Bee!  No longer is quilting for the older crowd.  Today’s quilters are younger than ever.

Since we are talking about Quilting, I have a confession…I am still intimidated by quilting…there’s just too much potential error in my math (ask Mr. Diva…I underestimate costs by 25% and exaggerate stories by 30%).

However, there are many quilters who I so admire…some old time quilters, so newbies, but talented nevertheless.



Cathe of Glory Quilts







Linda of Craft Apple






Anna Maria Horner







Sandi Henderson of Portabello Pixie






Heather Bailey






Speaking of Heather, for today’s March of the Tools I’ll share with you my secret to being a Bow Ho™…


The Bowdabra™



Never again will you look at a cute infant without picturing them with a stack of ribbon on their head…





Or lack the finishing touch on your home decor projects…






No more boring gifts…you can now adorn them with organza bows and silk flowers.






Sometimes you will get carried away when making gifts for a new baby…





If they’re your adorable Godchild, you’ll even personalize their head gear…





And then there’s the holidays…who doesn’t need an extra 100 bows for the Christmas tree and the gifts?




Here’s a quick Bowdabra Tutorial


Get out your junky craft scissors and some florist wire.  Cut a piece about 12 inches long .



Place the wire through the center of the Bowdabra.




Leaving 12″ for the tail of the bow, cinch ribbon between the holder.



Make a loop and twist it away from you…then place in between the holder.



Make as many loops as you want as long as you have the same amount of loops on each side.  I usually do 6 or 8 loops in total.


Cut the ribbon leaving another 12 inch ribbon tall.




Cross the wire and twist tightly.  Then fluff your bow.




And if you don’t dovetail the ends of the ribbon, everyone will think you are an amateur…


Fold the ribbon end in half lengthwise (do not crease it).  Cut across at an angle to form the dovetail end.

Hop on over to the Bowdabra web site for lots of tutorials!  For a mere $15, you’ll be the Bow Ho™ of the Block!

I’m off to a St. Patrick’s Day party tonight.  And that big green bow will be perfect for the top of a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Creme for the host and hostess.

With friendship,





  1. Thanks for all of the great quilt links and that is a really great bow tool!

  2. Oh, I was doing my blog reading and stopped in to say howdy.

    I LOVE that quilt of Cathe’s. I have several of hers but man, I need more!

    Have you ever been at a craft or fiber arts show and heard someone walk along and say (usually about everythign there!) “I could make that!”

    Yeah, well so can I but WILL YOU? That’s my theory with Cathe’s quilts. sure I can make my own but will I? Probably not so why not enjoy one even if I wasn’t the one to make it!

    Hey, mind if I add you to my blogroll?


  3. Lisa I’ve been waiting for you to tell us how you do the to die for bows. I’m off to Bowdabra land now. Thanks!!!

  4. Gotta love the Bowdabra. It came to my rescue when I had to make bows for church at Christmas a few years ago. I had to make enough to decorate the tree in the sanctuary, windows, wreaths, and pews. MERCY, that was a lot of bows. 🙂

    There was no way I would have done that all free-hand. NO way.

  5. Really enjoyed these beautiful quilts — and ALL of your beautiful bows! Wow! lol What a way to celebrate National Quilting Day. Great post!

    Just stopped in to thank you for your compliments on my new office/sewing room. It feel so good, knowing where everything is! I can hardly wait to dig into another project. ;o)

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