Sew, How about more tools?


Continuing with Heather Bailey’s March of the Tools, another favorite tool in my sewing room is the sewing gauge:



Available at Hancock’s of Paducah for only $1.49!  I use mine all the time when I’m pressing up hems at the ironing board.  No need to mark–just fold in the raw edge.  Press.  Then fold in the hem using the sliding sewing gauge to measure every few inches around the desired hem.  Press and pin!



Everyone needs one of these in their sewing room as it has many uses which include:

  • Anywhere you need to make consistent markings
  • Measure and mark hems
  • Tucks and Pleats
  • Scallops and Circles – both the gauge and the slider have a hole.  Place a pin in the hole at the end of the ruler.  Put your marking pencil in the hole on the nylon slider half the size of desired scallop. Pivot to make scallop
  • Buttonhole, Snap and Eyelet  Spacing
  • Mark Seam Allowances

Happy Sewing!

With friendship,





  1. I think the only tool I use more is my seam ripper 🙂

  2. I agree a Sewing Gauge and a Seam Ripper for my Favs 😉

  3. Hi Lisa and Friends!

    I have several Sewing Gauges…one by each machine, cutting table and ironing board….This is one tool I would not be without!

    I love your blog. Love watching the progress on your ‘boy’s line’! I wish you much ‘luck’ with this venture!! How often have I thought of doing something similar but never had the ‘nerve’ to start. YOU GO GIRL!!

    Keep up the GREAT and FUN sharing!!! Look forward to your blogs!

    Keep the sewing going

  4. LOL, I hadn’t even clicked that I could use my gauge to make scallops – well, d’uh! (slapping forehead). I use it all the time for hems. Now I think I NEED one of those expanding gauges too. 😉

  5. I love my seam gauge and use it a lot! 😀 I use mine at the ironing board to press up and pin hems—the same way you do.

    Happy Sewing! 😀

  6. I have one of these, but I never realized what it was for! I got it with a lot of sewing supplies from an estate sale. I’m so glad for your post! hee hee. I feel kind of dumb for not figuring it out, I just didn’t pay attention to it..

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