Walking the NYC Children’s Clothing Trade Shows

On Sunday I ventured into Manhattan to visit both the Bubble NY and ENK Children’s Club clothing trade shows.  What should have been a 20 minute drive took over 90 minutes each way.  Some genius was filming a movie or something along the West Side Highway and had it closed off…ugh!!!

Bubble NY

Anyway…I first arrived at Bubble NY which was being held at a new location.  I hadn’t been to Bubble since their premiere show two years ago.  Their new location was definitely better than the first.  The lighting was a major improvement, even though it was still a little on the dark side.

Bubble had a little more than 100 vendors with a wide variety of wares.  There were lots of imported high-end children’s clothing and unique knit printed layette items.  This show was the creme of the crop in children’s clothing.  Some of my favorites:

Domique Rouzier’s jackets were beautiful.




Joya Baby had awesome diaper clutches.joyaclutch2










Kate Quinn Organics was quite a popular booth.








Kit + Lili had the most adorable knits.







Kukunest’s bedding was awesome.






Before heading over to ENK Children’s Club, I stopped by a fellow Fashion-Incubator friend’s booth, Georgie World.  I absolutely loved Bethany’s new line and her great display.  Check it out!


ENK Children’s Club

Next stop, ENK Children’s Club which was just a few long windy blocks up from Bubble NY.  My favorites include:


Baby CZ…although it was a bit pricey at $150 retail for this chocolate corduroy blazer.





Jackson Clay had a great line as usual.





Jean Bourget is by far my favorite line.  I’ve found it to be the best made of all lines I’ve clothed my son in for the last few years.



I stopped by another Fashion-Incubator friend’s exhibit, Moonfly.  Kim Owen launched her new line and it was fantastic.  It did take me a while to figure out where her booth was as it was located upstairs away from the main floor.  I wish I could show you a photo or two, but the Moonfly web site is down at the moment.

Ok, after visiting both shows, I think I’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be ENK Children’s Club for my launch.  I know it’s a lot pricey, but it seems to fit in best with my line.  Nothing is set in stone yet…so there’s always time to change my mind.

On another note, while sitting with Kim, we met a gentleman with an office in NYC who assists clothing lines who want to produce in China.  Now, I will tell you, the wholesale cut and sew prices were so very low, one could make a decent profit.  The only thing that had me concerned with the quoted delivery times of two months.  I’m going to further investigate production in China.  Although I doubt I’d try it with my launch line…KWIM?  I’m too chicken…LOL!  I’m still looking for a production sewing factory in Brooklyn, NY if anyone has any leads.

Hope everyone’s day is off to a marvelous start!





  1. Lisa, your line is going to be every bit as fabulous as these you’ve linked to!!

  2. That is so exciting! I’m glad that you’ve made a decision about where you want your debut.

  3. This is very helpful to read. I plan to exhibit at Bubble and ENK in the near future. It’s always good to hear a review by someone who has been there in person!

  4. I love the diaper clutches and the Kit + Lili romper! Great finds.

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