Scenes from the Sewing Room


My daughter and friends made a face when I showed them the fabric (Jane Sussman) I was using for a little skirt set…so in the Applique scrap bin it went.

I had already made a hot pink ruffle to match the ugly fabric, so I did a little fabric shopping in my stash and came up with this:


Am I the only one who is guilty of never sewing for those we love most?  It occurred to me I hadn’t sewn anything for my sweet niece, Josie, in quite some time.  So I wiped up a quick skirt.


But one cannot just make a skirt–it needs a matching top.  So then I make a quick peasant top.


Just need to decide whether I want to encase elastic in the neckline and sleeves or add some yummy hot pink elastic trim instead.  Decision, decisions.


Meanwhile, my little guy decided he’d design a set for my Downtown Joey boys’ clothing line.  What talent.  LOL.  It certainly was smarter to let him draw on my sketch pad than to have him spinning around on my new sewing chair and knocking over one of my sewing machines…KWIM?

He’s been home sick since the week before last…he’ll be the first one at school tomorrow, I promise.

 With friendship,


P.S. – for some reason, my email is not coming through all day…go figure.  Hopefully, it will resolve itself as I’m not computer guru!





  1. Where did you get that child sized cloth mannequin? I could really use one.

    Cute skirts!!

  2. I love that fact that the children in your life made it very clear that the fabric you liked was not to thier liking!
    Hahahahahaha! They are so funny when they are so honest, without even realising it!

    Lots of love

    Cherry xoxoxox

  3. I like the skirt! 🙂

    I was also wondering where you got the child sized mannequin. That would make a great addition to my own sewing room.

    Happy Sewing!

  4. Love the skirt! I’m voting for elastic trim.

  5. I think your son is jockeying for the position of head designer for your line. And I like the fabric you were working with, even if it wasn’t a hit with your crowd.

  6. Love the skirt!

    Check out my first sewing project! Thanks for the advise!

  7. Love the skirt !!

    Aren’t kids good at making their oppinions known!! Many times my daughter turns her nose up to fabrics I choose, only to fall in love with the finished product.

  8. Nope–you’re not alone. When I was sewing more, I tended to sew for everyone BUT my family. BTW, I love that SJS fabric! Not ugly at all!

  9. Yeh, I’m liking the “ugly” fabric too. But then I’m not a young teenager either. 🙂

  10. *snicker* no, you’re not the only one guilty of that Lisa, though I’m getting better…
    I vote for the elastic trim, of course 😉
    And I just got a kid size dress form this morning…no arms though…just a torso…think PA’s gonna be mad? LOLOL!!!!


  11. Love the skirt Lisa! And no, you’re not the only one guilty I haven’t sewn for anyone but myself in months!

  12. Wow –that ruffle on the skirt is amazing! Does it have a hem, or is it on the fold? Also, do you have some sort of gathering attachement? –the gathers are just perfect!!

  13. thanks girls. Yeah, I guess the Jane Sussman fabric wasn’t so bad, but I do like the Robert Kaufman Nekko (I think) much better…oh well.

    Hey Lady M…those torsos scare me a bit…LOL!

    OMG Nobia…you’re safely in Japan now! So you much tell me…how’s the fabric shopping going?

    Amy…I double folded the ruffle strip, ran it through the serger first, then the ruffler attachment on my sewing machine. Put the gathered ruffle right side to the skirt’s right side, then serged it on. HTH

    With friendship,

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