Wordless Wednesday Week 8


a glimpse of my sewing room

Hope on over to Wordless Wednesday!









  1. very pretty great picture.

  2. I love the pic. Happy WW!

  3. My interest is piqued! Happy WW

  4. NICE shot! happy ww!

    mine’s here http://www.macheriefrancine.com/?p=735

  5. nive picture!!!

  6. interesting one!

    Out of Words


  7. Wow cool! i have small sewing room too but i bet yours is more nice. Happy WW!

  8. great photo, happy ww
    La Vida es Hermosa
    My So Called Life

  9. Great Wednesday post! I really enjoyed it! Please come check out some cute “Male bonding”

  10. OMG- I am a DORK – I kept clicking the picture and the link expecting to see MORE of your sewing room – it finally dawned on me that the little picture IS the glimpse! LOLOL!

    I’ve been editing photos and finally putting some products up at SillyFrilly all afternoon, I must have fried too many of my remaining brain cells doing it! 😀

  11. Love that sign. It hangs in my studio too! Didn’t we say that we had a lot in common?

  12. thanks girls!

    LOL Kerrie!

    Yep, Missy…tis true!

    With friendship,

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