Tackle It Tuesday Week #8 and Some Sewing and Baking



Seems I haven’t done a Tackle It Tuesday since December 19th!


My mission today is to finally assemble another new chair for my sewing room.  After Mr. Diva’s empty promises to do it for the last two weeks, I had better just do it myself if I ever want to get it done.


oh crap!  Wish I would have seen the “In-Store Chair Assembly – $5” notice INSIDE the darn box!  Ugh, ugh!  That would have been money well spent…KWIM?


Valentine’s Day is over…so time to take down those decorate and store them back in the attic.  No big deal.  But while I’m up there in the attic, I’ll need to take down the ridiculous amount of St. Patrick’s Day decorations I’ve acquired and decorate for the upcoming Green Day!

Head on over to Tackle it Tuesday to see everyone’s tackles!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme



A while back I bought this vibrant Jane Sussman print not knowing what I wanted to do with it.  A print like this is not what I usually go for, but I bought it because I have a serious fabric addiction anyway.  It’s only been in my fabric stash for about 2 years now…LOL!

Today I’m going to whip up a simple twirl skirt with a hot pink ruffle just for fun.



Although the Dough Boy promised it would only take 11 to 15 minutes, he lied…it was more like 25 minutes!  Liar, liar–pants on fire.


They were ok, but I think I prefer their regular Cinnamon Rolls.  These Cinnamon Twists were a little too flaky for my taste.

Hope your day is off to a great start!

With friendship,





  1. Good Luck with that chair…you can do it…youre a domestic diva,

  2. YUM!

    That dough boy is always a liar so he gets cooked much earlier!

    Come check out my awesome tackle!

  3. Oh! Good luck with that chair! I love the fabric by the way, I have that same addiction, I belong to fabriholics anonymous. 😀

  4. You are so lucky getting to see Martha. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. i can’t believe the assembly offer is INSIDE the package!!!

  6. good luck with the chair!!! i don’t htink i’d be doing it! lol

  7. LOL Love this post! Hope you got it all done, or at least the chair, so you can do some serious sewing! I did a little more work on my sewing room this week, but I really need to get crackin’ on it so Ican do some serious sewing, too!

  8. I adore that pink/green print.

  9. Got the chair done with 15 minutes…woo hoo!

    With friendship,


  1. […] finished my last Tackle It Tuesday project that same day back in February.  Time to move […]

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