Sew…Did you hear about the BAN on POLKA DOTS?

Read this today on Yahoo News:

Tots’ Dots Banned at PreSchool

Here’s some great fabric prints to send that preschool teacher into a tizzy…


(Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern Fabric coming in April)

MMLimeAltoidDot MMOrangeAstroDotMMPinkTaDot

 All Michael Miller Dot Fabrics

kauf1 nightcreatures

 All Robert Kaufman’s Dot Fabrics


Modern Flora Peapod at J. Caroline Creative


Tea Green Mod by Alexander Henry


Silk Charmuese at Manhattan Fabrics


Brown Minky with Pink Polka Dots


Bubbles Spa Fabric


Chocolate Dots


Retro Bead Dots


Chocolate Spirodots


Reversible Dots


Echo Licorice


Soho Pink Decorator Weight Fabric

I just couldn’t imagine my life without Polka Dots!

Happy Sewing!




  1. Oh my gosh!! Okay, I sympathize with the poor woman, really, I do.. but that’s just hysterical.
    That first fabric kinda looks like little alien eyeballs – that could creep out a teacher who didn’t suffer migraines! ;-D

  2. Well, that is certainly very weird! I too can sympathize with the poor woman as I have migraines…but maybe she could wear sunglasses?

  3. That was an interesting read…never thought polka dots could cause headaches.

  4. Well, seeing a boy’s pants riding so low I can see his drawers give me a headache. Or how about seeing low-rise jeans on a teenager that is wearing them too tight? That makes me sick to my tummy.

    Maybe she needs some Excedrin Migrain like I use. 🙂

  5. LOL!

    With friendship,

  6. Well isn’t that something! I can’t imagine the school could create such a ban. What next eh? I’m like you I would miss not having dots. I like your dotted fabric pics.

  7. The woman obviously needs a WORK AT HOME job! If the school wants to go to uniforms that’s one thing, but just banning stripes and dots??? I don’t think so.

    Funny thing is…I was in a meeting at my daughter’s school today, telling the staff there that they are taking away my ability to parent my own children bit by bit.

  8. Hi miss Lisa, so glad you stopped in!!!! You are amazingly talented!! Hpe you like the Bell Bottoms line! I entered your name in the raffle! all my best, Jennifer

  9. I agree, Judi!

    Lauri…I’ve told my son’s former pre-school staff to feel free to take over raising him at any time…LOL

    hey Sweet Jennifer!!! YOU ROCK!

    With friendship,

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