Sewing Room Tip for your Thirsty Steam Iron

Sometimes the simplest things are the most clever…

For instance, my water source is not in the same room as my iron.  That would mean a trip to the sink each and every time I needed to refill my iron.  And if you are a steam whore like me, pressing each and every seam as you sew, that’s a lot of water…KWIM?


One day while buying yet another drink dispenser at KMart (to be used in my laundry room for liquid detergent and fabric softener), it occurred to me I could use one in my sewing room.


I filled it with a gallon of water and placed it on a low shelf right above my ironing board.  Now I dispense the water I need right into my iron…genius, I tell you!  Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Get your own at for only $5.99 or a Rubbermaid 2 Gallon Dispenser for $11.99:


However, if you are the fancy type, you could get one of these:


Siberia Dispenser at Target

Happy Sewing!

With friendship,





  1. i have a similar issue. my steam generator iron holds one liter of water. i keep an old one liter water bottle in the sewing room. when my iron runs dry, i know that one bottle will fill it up. fortunately for me, there is a bathroom right next door to my sewing room….not a far walk.


  2. I’ve had water problems myself and this never occured to me. I have a bathroom near my iron, and I just end up using the cap on the end of the starch can to fill it up. It never occured to me to actually get a cheap water dispenser. It also never occured to me to use these for detergent and fabric softener. These are really great ideas. Thanks!

  3. I keep a water bottle in my sewing room. It doesn’t hold a lot of water, but one of my sons REALLY enjoys filling it so I just have to call him and he’ll fiill it for me. Your system is very efficient!

  4. I have one of these sitting unused in my basement and never made the connection! Thank you so much for more inspiration.

  5. Brilliant! I’m fortunate that my sewing space is next to the laundry room and a bathroom, so I can fill up quickly (don’t even have to unplug the iron).

  6. LOL girls.

    ummm…yes, my laundry room is a mere 15 feet from my ironing board, but I’m all about taking the easy way out!

    With friendship,

  7. You clever woman!!

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