Sew…Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?



The view out my front window makes me smile.  I took a heart-shaped grapevine wreath (purchased at Michael’s Craft store for a few bucks), spray painted it with White Gloss enamel and wrapped a few strands of bright pink lights around it.  Then added an organza bow…presto, Instant Valentines!



I also made some pink polka dot heart sachets for my daughter.  Here’s what you do:

  • Cut out 2 heart shapes using a template.
  • Add a ribbon to hang.
  • Embellish with appliques, embroidery, lace and/or ruffles.
  • Stitch hearts right sides together (leaving a small opening for turning).
  • Turn and stuff with poly-fil and some potpourri.
  • Hand sew opening closed.
  • Stand back and smile!



Martha Stewart’s Heart Bookmark


The Stampin’ Place’s Heart Shaped Box


Martha Stewart’s Crayon Hearts


Inspired by Design*Sponge’s Refrigerator Facelift, I think I’ll jazz up my metal fabric storage cabinets with some magnetic valentines!  How clever am I?  Stay tuned.


sewitbook Almost forgot to pick a winner for the recent sewing book giveaway! 

The lucky winner is Beth who posted a link to Joyful Abode’s Crocheted Valentine Brooches tutorial!  (Beth, be sure to email me your mailing address).




Check out these awesome FAUX cupcakes that arrived yesterday from Jenni B Originals!  When I tell you they are AMAZING, I’m not kidding.  I bought these for Socialite Sister™ (who is always on a diet), but I’m having second thoughts.   They look much nicer in my kitchen as my decor is pink and brown and hers is not…LOL!

fakestrawberryJenni surprised me with a free chocolate covered strawberry!  It even has a magnet on it to hang on my refrigerator!  Check out her blog to see all her past creations!


Yesterday afternoon, it started snowing here in NYC. 

And once again, dread set it.  Although it was only two inches of snow, because of the low temperature, it instantly became a sheet of ice.

See…something is wrong with me.  Out of nowhere, I’ve become PETRIFIED to drive in snow and ice!Now, first let me say, I’ve lived here all my life and have weathered many snow storms.  I’ve driven for over twenty years and never had an accident in the snow (although I did flip a truck 6 times on a sunny day 13 years ago).

The problem started right before Christmas when we had our first snowfall.  I drove to the corner and my big arse car slid when I applied the brakes.  I was in tears.  I came home and begged Mr. Diva to pick up my son from school.  I surely thought I’d get killed in a car accident if I attempted to go myself.

Fast forward to yesterday.  It starts snowing an hour before it’s time to go.  I mentally prepare myself for the 2 mile trek to my son’s school.  I get half-way to my destination, when a NYC bus pulls into the bus stop and unexpectedly noses the bus’ front into my lane of traffic.

So quickly, I hit my breaks…and my car slid about 10 feet barely missing the bus.  Luckily, the other car on my right gave me enough room to get my car back into control.

Somehow I made it to the school alive only for the other moms to tell me of the 10-car pile-up on the bridge and the 5 accidents that just happened on the expressway.  This…all within 30 minutes!  Ugh…nothing like scaring the heck out of me even more.

My return trip was a nightmare.  Cars were sliding all over the place.  I made it home safely only for my car to slide down my driveway almost hitting a passing car.  I finally got my car far enough up in the driveway, put the emergency brake on and went inside to de-panic (not sure if there is such a term, but that’s what I call it).

Not 30 minutes later, the doorbell rings.  It’s one of my new next door neighbors asking if I knew who owned the two cars in front of my house.  See, as he came down the street, he slid and hit both cars!  Lucky me–I am ALWAYS parked in front of my house (we actually fight over parking spots here in NYC), but someone else took MY parking space.  Anyway, it would stink if my new neighbor hit my car as he’d probably be put on my Rotten Neighbor List with the neighbors who lives on the other side of me (the Mayor and her meandering husband).

Speaking of the next door Mayor, I’m was so hoping she took my parking space last night…ROTFL…oh, that would have be so good if someone hit her car.  Pure Karma for when she hit my other new car a few years ago and got away with it.  Maybe next time.

So I wake up this morning, call both of the kids’ schools, cancel my gym trainer and make myself a hot cup of coffee!  SNOW DAY!  However, now the heavy rains have washed away most of the snow and I’m about to lock my children in the closet.







  1. I love all of the Valentine’s things. And, I’m right there with you about driving in ice. I don’t really mind the snow, but when there is even the mention of ice…I cringe. Come to think of it, driving isn’t my favorite activity…period!

  2. Yes, ice scares me as well. 2 tons of metal rolling around on round, slippery tires? That just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m much calmer now that we are in Texas and only rarely get snow. When we lived in Michigan I was so nervous!

  3. The icy roads are the worst – I think they make most of us women tense drivers! But remember…it could always be worse…check this link out:

  4. Another ditto on the ice. Really, who could enjoy driving in the stuff? We’re lucky that we don’t get much snow and when we do everything closes down for the day, lol. But we do get frosts and black ice, shudder. The road we drive into town on runs alongside the harbour and in some places there are bays on both sides. I have this fear that one day I’m going to slide off the road into the harbour and we’ll all drown. And yet, the only times we’ve had much trouble is in the city centre,no water in sight!

  5. I live in the South to avoid all the fun that comes with driving in the snow. Glad your car missed getting hit!

  6. I love the Valentine’s tutorials! 🙂

    I do not drive and ice and snow, no matter what! I am from the south originally, and when it snows, everything shuts down until all is clear. Where I live now, people laugh at me because the snowplows clear the streets, but I don’t care! If there is snow outside, I stay inside until it goes away. It does make for a long winter, though….. 😉 However, that just means more sewing time! 😀

  7. I love that bookmarker!!! Just looking at that photo makes me want to try other shapes/cut outs…. maybe a kitten with paws peeking over the top of a book page?? thanks!

    The snow was nice only because I didn’t have to be anywhere- my boyfriend and I spent the day huddled in our apartment drinking cocoa after sledding in Astoria park! eeee!

  8. I don’t go anywhere if I don’t absolutely have to. It snowed here last night too and it’s a snow day. which disappointed my childrent since today was the valentine’s Parties! There’s always tomorrow!

  9. I live in a mountain community and the roads have been terrible this winter. If I have to travel very far out of town I still have bouts of high anxiety and stress. If I had the option, I would hibernate. Just hang in there, Spring is coming.

  10. thanks girls…glad to hear I’m not alone!

    Snow and ice has all melted now…yippee!!!!

    Hoping it will warm up in the next few days as this cold is just no fun!

    With friendship,

  11. ice sucks. I fell yesterday on the sidewalk at work!

    love M’s hearts…beautilicious!

    LOVE the sketch for DTJ too! LOVE IT!!!! Hmmmmm, never occurred for me to do that for my whimsy site…a simple sketch of what I want it to look like. DUH lightbulb going off. I think I will come up with a sketch too and use that for a revamp I’ve been wanting to do. maybe then the revamp will fall into place???

  12. I won? No freakin’ way. I don’t ever win anything, Lisa. 🙂 How cool!

    Happy Valentine’s Day

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