Sewing Storage and another Diva Disaster


Found a bunch of sewing storage goodies on Ebay this morning.  Thought I’d share…

I bought my Tupperware Pie Wedge Storage many years ago to store condiments in the fridge.  Now I use it in my sewing room.  You can use it for needles, snaps, buttons or any other small items you want organized.


Tupperware – Pink Lazy Susan


Tupperware – Blue Lazy Susan


Pink Merry Wheel for Threads


Thread Cabinet


Cath Kidston’s Pink Tin with Stars

Now, if you have a VERY small stash, how about this?


Dollhouse Miniature Sewing Armoire


Last night I baked a carrot cake with cream cream frosting and a bunch of hot pink cupcakes.

Sometimes I think I’m brilliant…like last night when I came across a new bottle of this in my baking pantry:


Yippee!  I figured this gel would be easier to work with than my standard food coloring liquid.  Wrong.  I tried to take a tiny bit out with a toothpick (as a teaspoon wouldn’t fit in the container).  Got some on my hands trying to get the gel off the toothpick.  Not a good idea.  I’d show you a photo of how my fingers are now stained hot pink, but hence, no way to upload my pictures.

As that wasn’t enough, I then licked my fingers.  Mistake #2.  That gel is GROSS…it tastes like bad chemicals.

So you think I can’t be any dumber.  Think again.  When I finished mixing the gel into the pre-made cake icing, I licked the spoon…DUMB.  Mistake #3.  There was still a blob of gel concentrated at the handle of the spoon.

Ok, so I can live with the hot pink fingers (it is my favorite color, ya know) and the gross chemical taste of the gel.  But seeing the kids make a YUCK face when they bit into their cupcakes was disappointing.  Another failed attempt at being Susie Homemaker.

I’m thinking I got a little carried away with the gel and perhaps added too much of it to the icing.  But not to worry–Mr. Diva™ is once again bringing the friggin’ bowling team over for Sunday dinner.  Guess what they’re having for dessert?  I’m having Carrot Cake.  Let’s hope they don’t notice the kids’ hot pink lips.

With friendship,





  1. The red colors of Wilton gel coloring tend to have more of a bad taste to them then the other colors. They do make a “no taste” red that you can use to make pink that doesn’t taste nasty. And when you use the red, you don’t have to use a whole lot to make hot pink. I made a hot pink elephant cake for WonderGirl’s 3rd birthday this year. (she chose the shape and color) I used a TON of the no taste red to color the fondant and it didn’t taste awful. Actually it was quite good!

  2. LOL @ the baking disaster! Sounds like every time I try to bake something around here… let’s just say that is not my forte! 😉

    Lisa, thank you so much for your insightful comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it and also appreciate your wonderful compliments on my work. I am very much looking forward to coming out with my first line of fabric designs and I received some great news this morning that may help speed that up (nothing concrete yet, so I can’t spill the beans, but soon!). So, I will be making a departure from eBay and concentrating on growing my business and am just so excited about it.

    I wish you tons of luck with your wholesale boys line! Maybe our lives will cross paths at some point in the future. 🙂



  3. I have done that many times not thinking while cake decorating. Those little Wilton Gel’s are messy and taste awful on their own!

  4. Katy…thanks for that info…definitely will try that if there is a next time…LOL!

    Patty…I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to hear the big news! You deserve it. And I’m sure our paths will cross many times–especially if there’s one of your new fabric prints I can use in my upcoming boys’ line!

    Hey Amanda! So true! Miss reading your postings on your blog. What’s shaking?

    With friendship,

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