Sew…What’s a Blog without Pictures?

It’s very hard to write a decent blog post when you don’t have any darn pictures to show of your latest project, or the yummy Italian appetizer you had tonight while dining out, not to mention the gang bang going on in the giant outdoor fish bowl.

My computer guru promises to come by on Monday to figure out why I’m having so many problems with my new computer.  I can live with most of these problems (crashes, adware,constant restarts, etc.), but the computer is no longer recognizing my CAMERA CARD READER!!!  That’s a problem–cause I cannot upload my photos.

Well, I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to entertain you…hmmm…

oh, how about popping over to a few of the blogs which make me laugh so hard:

Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper

The Darwin Exception

No Appropriate Behavior

Wait…let me see if I can dig up some old photos to amuse you:


Me (with pig tails) and my younger sister, Laurie with our way-too-short Easter dresses.


The stripper and me at my Bridal Shower (notice the skinny jeans…what a figure I once had!).


Sexually Questionable Ken™ and Slutty Bratz™ doing Kegstands at one of my BBQs.

Do you see a pattern developing?  Let me quit while I’m ahead…LOL!

With friendship,





  1. You can always make me laugh! LOL

  2. Those pics are awesome!

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