FREE Sewing Book Giveaway and a Quick Serger Gathering Tutorial, because the NY Giants ROCK!


We’ve always known we rock…and now everyone else does, too!


My niece and godchild, Delia aka Josie Girl (I think the next pettiskirts I send her need to be a tad smaller, don’t you think?) was the life of the party last night.


My Mom, Delia, relocated a few years ago to Florida, but is truly a New Yorker as she still comes to visit often enough.  My guess is she and her friends from the Tiki Bar had a blast last night.


This evening, I made a mad dash to Modell’s Sporting Goods in hopes of finding some NY Giants’ Super Bowl Championship t-shirts for the family.  There was more than 200 people lined up waiting for the truck to arrive with the coveted Championship hats and t-shirts…ugh!

I was only able to find a few huge t-shirts (the size no one seemed to want), so I figured I’d be spending my evening reconstructing a Men’s 2X into a kids’ size 6 for my little guy.  His school has requested all the kids wear Giants’ t-shirts tomorrow.  There was no way my kid was going to be the only one without one when his mom can sew, KWIM?

Well, luck would have it–I had to return something at TJ Maxx…and what do you know?  Racks and racks of kids’ Giants’ Championship shirts and they were half the price of the ones at Modell’s!!!  SCORE!!!


While flipping through my new sewing books I recently ordered, I realized I had purchased two of the same book…so you know what that means?  Time for another GIVEAWAY!


In this book are lots of quick sewing projects such as this adorable baby’s heart garland.


All projects include templates and detailed instructions to ensure sewing success.


Now, if you’ll like a chance to win the free sewing book, just leave a link to a Valentine’s Day theme sewing tutorial in the comment section.  A winner will picked on Sunday night!


The Heart Garland inspired me to get started on a Valentine’s Day sewing project.  But first, I needed to gather some 6″ pink tulle on my serger.  For those of you who haven’t utilized your serger to gather tulle, here’s how I do it:

Serger Settings:

4-thread overlock

Gathering Presser Foot (if you have one)

Left and Right Needle Tension set at NORMAL

Upper and Lower Looper Tension set at HIGHEST (9 on my Viking 936)

Stitch Length = 2.0 – 2.5

Differential Feed = HIGHEST (2.5 on my serger)


With the roll of tulle in front of the machine or on your lap and use your right hand to guide, serge tulle cutting off 1/4 inch.  With your left hand, place two fingers behind the presser foot to prevent the tulle from feeding freely.

This helps the tulle gather even more.  When your fingers can no longer hold the tulle from behind the machine, let it go.  Repeat until you’ve gathered all your tulle needed.


For my current project I gathered a 100 foot roll of tulle in less than 3 minutes.

Happy Sewing!

With friendship,





  1. Yay Giants! 😀

    Umm.. not really “valentines related” but I know these would be super cute with little valentine messages in them for kids to give or do them in red/pink/white, etc. with messages inside! 😀

  2. It was a great game wasn’t it?

    I thought this was cute, I’m not quite a quilter yet but maybe someday:

  3. I came across this when you mentioned your sharing your sewing room the other day…
    Joyful Abode has a tutorial on how to crochet these cute valentine brooches. Link:


    A cute little Valentine’s Day decoration

  5. I wish I had a serger! Do you have a way to gather tulle without one?

    I also love the hearts garland. My brother is expecting soon and I am in charge of creating the baby’s room (curtains, bedding, etc.) this would be cute to add!


  6. Cute v-day cards! Easy to make! Everyone needs a card on v-day!


    Cute little heart shaped needle case

  8. I thought this was a little cutesy pie little card. Little apron shapes with pockets would be fantastic too! 🙂

  9. I found this adorable Valentine Treat bag tutorial. I might make one for grandson Jake. 🙂


  10. Okay now for the tutorial for those of us without sergers. 🙂 As for a tutorial, I loved this paper cutting heart tutorial from Martha Stewart.


    This is a really cute Valentine’s Day Heart pillow that’s great for beginner. What’s really great about this project is you can place a photo in the middle of the pillow.

  12. I’m a little bit obsessed with fabric yo yo’s right now. Here’s a Valentine’s day version:

  13. Sounds like a great book. Here’s a link to a Valentine quilt banner.

  14. hmmmmm…maybe I’ll take a stab at gathering some tulle. That looks like fun.

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  1. […] forget my FREE SEWING BOOK GIVEAWAY!  You have until Monday morning to post a link to your favorite Valentine’s Day […]

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