Sew…Let’s Hear It for the Tax Widows


Excuse me, but there’s no apostrophe in DIVAS unless you are trying to show possession of a DIVA–just thought you’d like to know that.  Come to think of it, this is a pet peeve of mine as I was once a sign painter.  Doesn’t anyone spell check anymore?

Speaking of taxes, it’s that time again–while all of you are gathering together the receipts to bring to your accountants, some of us (waving to Ingrid and Colleen) prepare for the long cold Winter (well, except for Ingrid–she’s in California) without our spouses–the tax men.

So Mr. Diva™ is taking me out for some fine dining at Trattoria Romana.  Unfortunately those children of ours are coming, too.  So much for a romantic dinner.  Whatever–I’m jonesing for some Crostino with Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Mushrooms and Veal Scaloppine Marsala.  After that, he promises to help put that darn Christmas Tree and other holiday decorations in the attic (with my assistance, of course…LOL).

I froze on buns off played around with some pink tulle in the unheated dungeon sewing room last night.  Let’s see what I come up with.  Think Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully I’ll have it finished for your viewing pleasure tomorrow or the next day.

I spent most of today trying to get some ideas on what I want Ingrid to design for my new Downtown Joey website.  I’m thinking definitely Brown and Robin’s Egg Blue with a touch of Kiwi Green and Orange for a color scheme.  Wow…this whole website stuff is mind-blowing.  I give her a lot of credit.  It’s all too complicated for me.  And to think I learned HTML when it was first introduced millions of years ago…back when we worked on the backbone of the Internet.  Ok, I’ll stop–I’m showing my age.

Stay warm!




  1. Oh, that is just wrong. WRONG. The colors for your new site sound cool! I love brown with blue. Dinner sounds yummy and is making me all kinds of hungry in spite of the fact that I just ate dinner!

  2. Punctuation error’s on big sign’s bother me as well. The “thing” that “bother’s” me most is all those “quotation” mark’s that I see all over the “place”. I think it’s our gas’ bill that says, “keep” and “send” on the part’s you’re suppos’ed to keep and send. Cra’zy I tell you!


    I wish I had a site designer! I never did learn html and it sure is a challenge!

  3. Mary…if you ever make it to NY, dinner is on me!

    ROTFL Linda! My DH always says, “Stick to what you know!”…so I’m going to take his advice and gladly pay for web development. I’m just too old to learn new tricks at this point and have enough on my plate to keep me busy…KWIM?

    With friendship,

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