Sew In Stitches

ummm…like Mr. Diva™ might need some.  See, dinner was divine.

Appetizing Evidence:


Crostino (Fresh Toasted Panne Bread with Proscuitto, Mozzarella and Sauteed Mushrooms in a Butter Sauce). If food is better than sex, this appetizer would be my orgasm–really).

Main Evidence:


Veal Marsala (Hand-fed Veal with Mushrooms in a Brown Sauce).

Even the kids were pretty well-behaved.

Back to the stitches.  Ok, so Mr. Diva™ and I carried up the 27 Christmas boxes to the attic…all seems to be going well.  And then I left Mr. Diva™ to carry up the Christmas Tree all by himself.  Big. Mistake.

Apparently, Mr. Diva banged his big head into the attic rafters….he’s bleeding lots.  Dumb Mr. Diva.  He should have listened to me when I suggested we build a walk-in attic during the renovations four years ago.  It’s dangerous for anyone over 5 foot to venture in there.

Will Christmas ever end at my house?  Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!!!

And the worst part about it is he’s only carried the 2 smaller parts of the Christmas Tree are up into the attic.  He still has to get the largest (and heaviest) part into the attic.  I’ll give him a month.

Oh wait.  The cleaning girl is coming tomorrow.  Guess what she and I will be doing?

Heck, I guess I shouldn’t complain…he could be physically challenged and poor, KWIM?  I had better stop making fun of him.  But it’s just so hard when you come from a family where the men can move mountains and you marry a pencil pusher.

Did I mention he’s going to Vegas where he’ll be having dinner with the Tahari Brothers?  Let’s see if Mr. Diva even mentions his wife is launching her new boys’ clothing line.





  1. Oh. oh oh! Oh I feel guilty, but “Dumb Mr. Diva” made me laugh out loud… *giggle* Poor poor Mr. Diva, I think he needs to hire a HandyMan who can come along with the cleaning girl. 😀

  2. That looks delicious. I’m starving.

  3. That food looked AMAZING!

    Tahari? Oh, he’d better say something, and bring proof. 🙂

  4. Cut BIL Diva some slack — he keeps you in the style you’ve become accustomed to!

    Oh — and that food looks really good. Looks nothing like the Jenny Craig garbage I ate tonight…. So jealous…

  5. It was delicious! I guess Mr. Diva ain’t so bad after all–he did pay the check…LOL!

    Guess who’s going to be climbing 50 flights of stairs today at the gym? one guess…haha!

    With friendship,

  6. WOW that appetizer looks super scrumptious! I look forward to seeing your boys’ clothing line.


  1. […] decent blog post when you don’t have any darn pictures to show of your latest project, or the yummy Italian appetizer you had tonight while dining out, not to mention the gang bang going on in the giant outdoor fish […]

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