Sew…What should I buy and where should I go?




It’s that time again–Mr. Diva’s Annual Las Vegas trip on Super Bowl Weekend.  And we all know what that means.  No–besides being stuck with the 24 hour a day job of raising his offspring, it’s PAYDAY for ME!



Not to mention, it’s DOUBLE BONUS this year…meaning not only do I get to buy a big ticket item just for me, but I get to go on my OWN vacation ALONE without him and the kiddos.  I’ve decided on Los Angeles.  Going to source my knit fabrics and beg my buddies, Lady M™ (who now owns Fabric Hound, the Euro Fabric Mecca!!!) and Jessica the Boutique Toffee Queen™ to be my tour guides.

barbiediva3 Still have to decide if I want to go in late February, March or April.  I’m thinking I should try to coordinate my trip with one of the fabric shows or children’s clothing trade shows.  That way I can make it a business trip.

So, I’m thinking I just might get myself a industrial coverstitch which I’ve been jonesing for…what do you think?  Or should I save the extra cash for LA?  Decisions, decisions…LOL!






Get these neat buttons from EMBLAZON YOURSELF





I’ll give you ONE guess…


If you guessed the FRIGGIN CHRISTMAS TREE laying in the middle of my Living Room, you’re right.  Yes, Mr. Diva™ has walked past it dozens of times during the last week.  But I’m not going to nag him (see first paragraph).  Just wanted you all to see what I put up with.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

Hope your husband is more helpful than mine! oh, and as generous, too!

With friendship,





  1. OK, you are a stronger woman than I because that tree would have ended up in my husband’s closet after two days. LOL! LA sounds fabulous. I say budget for the coverstitcher but wait until after the trip so you can have that little cushion while you’re out there. You may not find anything worth splurging on and then you can go home and buy yourself a shiny new toy. 🙂

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