A Few Sewing Tutorials and a Dash of Martha Stewart

Sewing Tutorials

Came across these two cool tutorials:


Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial


Super Easy Ironing Board Cover from U-Handblog 


And while I’m sharing…here’s an email I received from my Mom that made me laugh:

“Did you see at Joanne’s, they have Domestic Diva aprons?  I don’t think you need one.  You’re so busy.”

I’m trying my hardest to be “busy”–sketches and colored pencils clutter my dining room table–To Do Lists are scattered all over my desk in hopes of accomplishing something–yet, I was bad this morning.

After I drove the kiddos to school, I took a little bit of a nap while watching a TIVOed episode of Cashmere Mafia (love this new show) and then the trashy mothers on The Maury Show try to pin one of the possible 5 candidates as their “baby daddy.”

Martha…Do You Need My Assistance?


I finally submitted my information for an upcoming Martha Stewart show (Show:  People Call Me “Martha Stewart”–Do your friends and family say you are just like Martha? Are your recipes, crafts, and other creations award-worthy? If so, now is your chance to show off. Send us a videotape telling us why people call you Martha Stewart and display your very best decorations, recipes, crafts, Good Things, and anything else that is “so Martha,” and we may broadcast your video on the show, or even invite you to be a guest.).  Let’s see if Martha bites…

Hope everyone’s day is more productive than mine!






  1. OOOH THose tutorials look like fun!!! I’m going to have to try those!

  2. I love Cashmere Mafia….

  3. I can’t wait to get some felt to make those fortune cookies! Those are so adorable! I plan to make some to mail to friends and family as little pick me up presents.

  4. I can’t imagine Martha wouldn’t choose you.

  5. Yep…I definitely want to give those fortune cookies a shot. I’m thinking I could embroidery the little messages….hmmm..but what to write on them?

    Kiva…but you must admit our comfy shoes are so much more desireable than the latest Jimmy Choos…LOL!

    thanks for your vote of confidence, Beth!

    With friendship,

  6. Best of luck with martha – I would love to see you on the show!

    shoot me an email, please, I have misplaced your email address!


    PS – I, too, am watching cashmere mafia. I wasn’t crazy about the first episode, but it is growing on me.


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