Sew…It’s Time to Sketch My New Boys’ Clothing Line


My dear friend, Jen of Olive’s Pearls, surprised me with a CD of cool tunes and a yummy bar of Lavender Chocolate!  The CD’s first song was “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas…how appropriate…LOL!  Not to mention, “Stronger” by Kayne West–now th-that that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.  I giggled while listening to “I Want Candy” and “My Sharona.”  Thanks Jen!


So the design sketching begins…my favorite part of it all!  I need to come up with 5 different looks…with a total of no more than 16 pieces.  This is where I get to put it all on paper.

Now, I’m not a fashion sketch artist, but I’ve been able to draw decent sketches using my daughter’s favorite fashion drawing book, Fashion Sketchbook by Bina Abling.


Over the last few months, I’ve kept a Pattern Making Requirements list of things I want included in my new boys’ line (welt pockets, buttonhole elastic waistbands, etc.).  It helps me remember the little details I want included in my first patterns.

I’m giving myself a full week to complete my sketches as I can only sit for no more than an hour at a time.  I’ll give you some sneak peeks when I’m done.

What details do you like in boys’ clothing?  Do you have a favorite boys’ clothing line?  If so, why?  What makes it special?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Hope everyone’s day is off to a marvelous start!  I’m off to my son’s book fair and then the gym (see above Lavender Chocolate).  Today is also my sweet nephew, Eric’s, 6th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Little Man!




  1. I love pockets in boy’s clothes. They always seem to find treasures and need a place to put them. (Mommy’s arms are sometimes too full to carry all the treasures!) Adjustable waistbands are a must! I have a skinny 4 year old and all the pants that don’t have adjustable waistbands fall down when he runs (funny at home, but not in public!) I also love easy to dress yourself clothes. Nothing is more frustrating, for the boy and mommy, when he wants to dress himself but struggles with too tight buttons or small buttonholes or even too tight neckbands on t-shirts.

  2. I second the pockets, but also I like fun colors, other than just red, blue, green, or orange, interesting designs and lines. Coordinated pieces. More than just the tshirt and pants that you can only find any more in the boys clothing. I like details like hammers for buttons instead of round buttons. Interesting use of fabrics, like gray and white ducking (like old-time engineers used to wear in their overalls) that would imply the same thing without being too literal. Fabric patterns other than dinosaurs and footballs.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Thanks for remembering the sweet boy’s birthday!

    As for boy’s clothes, I really like things that encourage independence — snaps on button-up shirts are awesome when they’re done in a cool, retro way. I also like pants that can be rolled up and worn in a mid-calf length — looks really cute. And anything surfer style is adorable….

  4. I agree with pockets and easy to dress items like snaps. I also agree that I’m tired of the same color combos. I’m so tired of walking into every store and seeing sports, dinosaurs, and tools. I really like the vintage look. I like to see surprising patterns put together. My son loves purple, but no one ever does this in a great boy way.

  5. LOVE pockets!!! and always like fresh new ideas and colors for boys.

  6. with 2 boys I think I can answer this – pockets as well, but usefull ones and not everywhere on the clothes. easy to wash. things that can be adjustable. he ha sto want to wear it, but I want him to look like someone owns him. funky definatly. but classic simple lines.

  7. You are very welcome, Ms. Diva! Both the chocolate and the songs are favorites of Olive. 🙂

  8. What made you decide on no more than 16 pieces?

    As the mother of 3 girls, I have no opinions on boy clothes, except I like little boys to look like little boys (no jon-jons)!

    Good luck with the sketching!

  9. If your are designing for the 2t-4t size range
    Pants with a fly with velcro instead of zippers
    adjustable straps on the waistband
    Velcro instead of buttons or snaps
    Patch type pockets (like a cargo pocket) not too large but large enough for me to be able to peek into before I stick my hand in and pull something totally gross out
    Reinforced knees

    Color (when I used to purchase for a children’s clothing boutique in Miami I used to search out colors other than the standard blues/greens that every box store carried and used to sell the out right away off other colors )

  10. I second (or third or whatever) the lots of pockets and the reinforced knees. My 5 year old son came home from church tonight with a hole in the knee of his new, good jeans. I’m wishing I had reinforced the knees myself.

    I also like adjustable waists. Both of my boys are tall and thin, so they either need adjustable waist pants, or a really good belt.

    And of course, all boys clothes should wash well. 😉

  11. great suggestions!

    The new line will DEFINITELY have button hole elastic waistbands…no question about it as I, too, struggle with getting pants to stay up on my thin-waisted boy.

    And absolutely SNAPS…I so prefer them over buttons.

    gotta think about the reinforced knees…even if I reinforce them, what happens when you rip them? You’d then see the reinforcing (stabilizer). Or I could double the denim or twill on the knee area, but same problem…you’d see the pant denim once the knee denim is ripped. Thoughts?

    Not sure about velcro…it has it’s own problems (collecting lint, damaging other fabrics when washed together, easily opening, etc.)

    As far as pants closing…I am probably going with just the button hole elastic on the smaller sizes and then added a fly/zipper to sizes 6 and above (as older boys don’t seem to want pull-up pants…KWIM?).

    Color…definitely no yellow or other primary colors. But I love turquoise blue, kiwi green, chocolate brown, and black. A lot will depend on the printed fabrics I decide on.

    back to designing…

    With friendship,

  12. Important on boys clothing. Grow cuffs on the pants. I love lined cuffs that can be worn up or down and leave room for those unexpected growth spurts. I put them on almost all my boys pants when I make them. I’ve found that when people are paying a fair price for an outfit they appreciate things like that so they can get their $$’s worth.

    Good luck, I’m enjoying your journey


  13. Hi Diva,
    I will echo the pockets thing…
    My boys are always adventuring. Easy fit clothes are perfect. Didn’t you have a design that had a compass attached to the pant? That was cool. 🙂
    My boys do not wear button down shirts. Mostly because I do not iron. Or hang clothes up. Everything is folded into drawers. So tees are what my fellas wear.
    Soft fabrics. Organic seems to be the rage now.

  14. Chey…I so love everything you designed for boys–I wish you would do more! Although I love the grow cuffs, I’m not sure 8 yo boys would want them. They seem to fall out of favor after age 5…but I’m definitely going to think about that. BTW, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but wasn’t able to…add the option for WordPress and other bloggers…pretty please?

    hey Kirsten! Yep, it was probably me and all my hanging keychains. Thanks. Not to worry…although I’ll have snap down shirts, I will also have several cotton knit shirts to coordinate with each set. So stay tuned!

    With friendship,

  15. My little nephew is turning two at the end of the month and he LOVES pockets! I wish that you had clothing available already! But I look forward to tracking your progress and buying your clothing when they are ready!
    In the meantime, do you have any suggestions as to where I can find some toddler clothing with lots of pockets? Thanks!

  16. Thanks Chiann!

    My favorite brands are IKKS, Jean Bourget and Mish Mish…lots of great styles for boys!

    With friendship,

  17. The fabrics need to be dyed really well. I wash my little boy’s stuff WAY more than my daughter’s things and they seem to fade so fast. I wash everything with gentle detergent and in cold water, but it still fades. So I say color fast fabrics! Thanks and good luck!

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