The Never Ending Christmas Decorations and Some New Fabric Finds



Why does Mr. Diva™ always get the burning desire to invite company over for Sunday Dinner when the house is trashed?  Did I mention Mr. Diva™ goes bowling Sunday morning until 1pm?  How convenient.


Seems I’ve been slacking off (what’s new? LOL) and had yet to put away the Christmas decorations.


So the mad rush was pretty successful…except for that honkin’ big green thing in the middle of my living room.

In my defense, I tried to disassemble the pre-lit tree three times…I’m just not strong enough.  So it will sit there until Mr. Diva™ can no longer bear to hear my nagging–that, or perhaps my strong cleaning lady will come to my rescue.


But as payback, I offered all my guests the above beautiful chocolate confections after dinner.  HAHA…they’re fake (one of my painted ceramic creations)…and they fall for it EVERY YEAR…duh!

New Fabric Finds

Moving on…how about a Sneak Peek of Michael Miller’s New Fabrics?  Here’s my favorite:

Sandi Henderson of Portabello Pixie


Pre-Order at I WANT FABRIC for only $7.99/yard


Sandi’s Ginger Blossom fabric photos

and some more new Michael Miller fabrics:




I am so jonesing to see this full collection at Michael Miller as it just might work for my new boys line (if it doesn’t have pink in it–I just don’t do pink for boys…sorry):


While perusing the web, I came across the New Arrivals from Repro Depot Fabrics:

Love these, but unfortunately, I can’t pay $18 a yard (plus shipping) for these awesome Japanese Imports.  I’d never make any money…LOL



But I did find these there at a much more reasonable price:




Holy Cannoli!!! Look at this new J. Caroline Creative collaboration with Jessica Jones of How About Orange:


Modern Flora Collection…LOVE IT!!!!  J. Caroline will have it available within the next two weeks.

I also visited the Robert Kaufman website to see if there was anything new and spotted these:


This yummy Michal Sparks fabric is available February (ummm…isn’t that cutting it close?  I mean, Valentine’s Day is February 14th, right?).


Hot Couturier in Mint


Carnaby Street Turquoise for Project Runway

Just Another Manic Monday

Off to the gym I go—oh, how I HATE EXERCISING.  Nothing is more unenjoyable to me…mindless, stupid activity, if you ask me.  I just can’t wrap my head around how others get off on this crap.  I could think of 100 other things I could do with my time if my butt wasn’t expanding.

And to make my day even better, those rugrats are home from school today…

Hope everyone’s day is off to a great start!


P.S. – I’d update you all tomorrow on the awesome sewing manufacturing workshop I took this past Saturday in NYC!





  1. Lisa,
    We are offering Ginger Blossom for pre-order over at – for less than Hancocks’s of Paducah – we are selling it at only $7.99 a yard. It is due to arrive in February!


  2. Awesome Missy! I’ve edited the post to reflect that…LOL!

    Thanks for letting me know!

    With friendship,

  3. Yeah, my exercise needs to have purpose. That’s why I started taking an adult ballet class. Much more fun plie-ing in a room full of other laughing women. Hopefully I’ll get to start playing soccer on a coed team one of these days.

  4. I’m the same way Linda. Walking on a treadmill gets you nowhere–I’d prefer to be walking a distance instead, like on the boardwalk or to the store.

    Ballet? You’re much braver than me–I wouldn’t be caught dead in tights! and no soccer for me–I’m just too competitive–I’d make enemies really fast…haha!

    With friendship,

  5. Thanks for the mention Lisa! I am Missy’s partner over at I Want Fabric. Just like you, I am dying to see the rest of the new Michael Miller! Loving your blog. I am going to mark it as a fave!

  6. Hey Liz! Nice to meet ya! Fabriholics love company…LOL!

    With friendship,

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