Sew Unsure


I am one who is known to be strong, tough and all that.  I’m the “Go To Girl” in crisis.

Most days I can take on the world–not today.

I’m not big on prayers and all that.  So I’m crossing my fingers…wishing for a good outcome and I’m scared to death.  Trying not to let my mind get ahead of myself–filled with worse case scenarios and the big “C” word.

I’ve gotten through her liver transplant when she was only 9 1/2 months old, a subsequent major liver rejection, numerous hospitalizations, her blood poisoning, near-fatal hemorrhage and kidney damage last year–but early this morning she had a brain MRI.

For the last month she’s been complaining of severe headaches and episodes of not being able to open her eyes.  I took her to a pediatric neurologist two weeks ago where she had an EEG and was referred for a brain MRI as the doctor suspected brain lesions.

Our insurance company made us jump through hoops for the MRI approval.  Finally got it late Friday afternoon and on Monday morning, I scheduled the earliest appointment available.

Now to wait 2 days for the MRI results–so cross your fingers, too.

Off to sew and cry.




  1. Ugh – so sorry you are going through this. Waiting is so so hard. All the best to you and good thoughts/prayers/vibes going your way. Keep us posted.

  2. Fingers and toes crossed, and good thoughts and prayers incoming for your daughter and your family!!

  3. One moment at a time, one day at a time. All my hope that you get good news. Nothing is harder than worrying about the health of our kids. XO

  4. Oh ((((Lisa))))). It is hard, and you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. *fingers crossed*

    Prayers for you and your family

  6. I will definitely be thinking and praying for your family and for your daughter. I’m a mother as well, and I feel your pain – no doubt it’s a fraction of what you’re feeling, but please know that my thoughts are with you. I added your blog to my bloglines after finding it through Etsy – you do such amazing things with your creativity – hopefully, the joy it seems to bring you will help you (even if only a little bit) through these next couple of days. Please keep us posted 🙂

  7. My prayers are with you and your family!

  8. I’m so sorry and am sending good thoughts for your family.

  9. Lisa,
    I hate to hear that you are going through this.. I can’t imagine all that you are dealing with inside. Please know that you are in my thoughts *and prayers*
    Hugs and Many Many Smiles sent your way!!!
    Please know if I can do anything for you, even if it is just a laugh, let me know!!!

  10. Oh my what a rough time she has had. My prayers are with you both and the rest of your family. ((hugs)) Rosie

  11. Lisa, thoughts and prayers to your family and especially Marielle. 2 days wait??? That’s torture! See if your doctor friends can call the radiologist there.

  12. Lisa – I can’t imagine how scared you are. I will pray for you all because you know that’s what I do.

    You are a strong woman, and I know that you will get through this no matter the outcome.

    Hugs, hon.

  13. oh girls…thanks so much for all your crossed fingers and toes. It means a lot.

    I’ve already called the doctor’s office and told me they refer way to many patients everyday, but would check first thing Wednesday morning for me.

    After that we called one of our doctor friends–but really with all the patient confidentiality, we’d be putting him in an uncomfortable position, so we told him not to, we’d just wait…ugh.

    thanks again, my friends…you girls are the best.

    Now to go put on my happy face so my daughter doesn’t catch on to my mental state…KWIM?

    With friendship,

  14. Hi Lisa…
    I have only been reading your ‘site/blog/love for sewing and sharing’ for the last 2 weeks and actually look forward to my email from ‘The Domestic Diva’ daily! (even if I do not LIKE (there is a stronger word I could use..but won’t) PINK) ;))
    I just read about what your daughter is going through…I can say, I have been there, done that, with my oldest daughter.
    At the time, I was told… is the squeeky wheel that gets the grease…well, I squeeked and squaked and the wheel got greased, alot quicker than if I had not!
    (((For your daughter))), I pray for courage, strength, and wellness, that this will pass, with very little problems.
    (((Lisa))), as a mother, fighting for your daughter, for you, I pray for strength, guidance and knowledge.

    Jane Doe
    London, Onatario, Canada

  15. My families thoughts and prayers are with you!

  16. My fingers are crossed for you both too. Good luck and best wishes for a positive outcome. I’m a mum of daughters too – I can only imagine how you’re feeling.

  17. Lisa, I am so sorry that you are going through this now! I know that as the parent to your beautiful daughter, you would change places with her if you could.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

    I think that you are an amazing woman to have weathered such difficult storms in life.

  18. You are in my thoughts and heart during this stressful time. Many hugs to you, Lisa!!

  19. Oh dear, sweet Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear about this. My fingers are crossed for you and Marielle. And my thoughts and positive vibes are headed your way. If there is anything at all that I can do, please let me know. Biggest hugs ever to you.

  20. I’m not a blogger, or member, or anything for that matter. I just enjoy your blog. I pray for you and your daughter, and that God wraps His arms around your whole family.

  21. Lisa, you have entertained, informed and encouraged so many via your blog, and now we want to encourage you during this difficult time. Just like the other hurdles you have had to clear – this too will pass. I pray that the Lord will do an incredible, wonderful and glorious work in your daughter’s life and she will be even better than before (if it’s possible to be better than perfect). So take solace in knowing that you and your family are in God’s loving and caring hands. Grace and peace.

  22. Your in my thoughts and prayers… this is my first time to visit your site….. I don’t know how I ended up here, but I’m so glad I did. You are definetly in my favs. Thanks for all the great ideas. Keep your head up.
    ya ya

  23. She is really beautiful! I will pray for you guys!

    You know, when I had to have an mri and cat scan (my symptoms were an 8 day-long headache + facial numbness) my dr suggested I go to the ER to avoid the insurance issues. I was there for several hours, but got the results and dx during that time as well as the drugs to make the headache go away. Thankfully I just had migraines, nothing more serious, but they have to have a look inside if symptoms are at all questionable.

  24. Lisa, your family will be in my prayers. Fingers crossed and you be strong!

  25. I’ll keep you in my thoughts…

  26. Lisa, I know that there are no words I can say that would make you feel better right now. I can only imagine what you are going through since I have not had to walk in your shoes. Sadly though, great tragedy has touched my life and because of that, I know that sometimes words which are meant to help can actually hurt. I do sincerely hope it may give you a little comfort to know that so many people are praying for you and your precious daughter. It’s kind of funny too that I have a much greater faith in prayer than in keeping my fingers crossed, but as I just made a gesture of placing my hands together “in prayer”, all ten of my fingers did cross across each other…….and who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor!

  27. Hi there – I just came over from sew mama sew to read about your sewing room org challenge and I’m sorry to read of your worries. I wish your daughter well – I have one too. All the best.

  28. My prayers are with you and your daughter.

  29. Lisa, fingers crossed for your beautiful daughter. You and your family will be in my thoughts. I’m going to go hug my daughters right now.

  30. Lisa, wishing you and your family only the best results and pray everything is fine. Sorry you all are going through this. Lisa

  31. Goodness, my prayers are with you and your family.

  32. I’m praying for good news for you. My best wishes.

  33. I just discovered your blog, I just can’t imagine what you must be going through. You seem to be a strong person and you say people go to you in times of crisis, I just hope that you have people to help and support *you* through this. I wish you and your family good health and all the happiness in the world.


  34. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry ! I know waiting is the hard part. When my son was born he almost died and we had to wait weeks to find out what was wrong. He is 5 now and fine but I know about waiting. I’ll be thinking about you and praying for you!

  35. I discovered your swell blog today too … I’m holding your all of you in my heart, and sending lots of healing vibes your way. Bunny nudges too.

  36. Lisa, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Marielle…I pray that you get good news, and soon!

    She’s such a beautiful girl!

  37. OMG, all my best wishes and hopes for your precious girl!

  38. As the mom to a chronically ill child, I feel your pain. They dropped the “C” word on us last year, thank God and all other powers of the Universe, it wasnt that. Clearly you and your daughter are STRONGER than any of those test results! I have faith for you!! I send you love and luck from my family to yours!! Now, go put your game face on I am sure that it is beautiful! 🙂

  39. My prayers go out to you and your daughter!

  40. Lisa, I discovered your blog just a month ago.
    Praying for you and your daughter.

  41. You’re in my thoughts and prayers .
    Hang tight , game face on (like HeatherB said )
    Hopefully your beautiful little girl just needs glasses.

  42. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your daughter.

  43. oh girls…your support is truly appreciated. Even though I have yet to get the results (, I’ve only gotten what I could handle even when I thought I couldn’t…KWIM?

    “Thank you” seems to fall short of my gratitudes for all the kindness and strength I gather from you all.

    With friendship,

  44. Prayers for you and your daughter.


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