Rate My Sewing Room on HGTV.com


As a payback for HGTV erroneously suspending my user account, head on over to Rate My Sewing Room on their site.  I’ve since forgiven them…especially considering I’m getting hundred of hits on my blog all this week from an article in which I was featured that is currently on one of their main category pages!

oh and had better give me 5 stars or we’re not friends…LOL.  You can also rate my teen daughter’s Bathroom since you’re aimlessly reading all your favorite sewing blogs while you’re at it.

I’m in the sewing room today doing a quick monogrammed tote for a friend.  Truth be told, I haven’t been able to use my embroidery software since I got my new computer a few weeks before Christmas and my new color laserjet printer for Christmas.  I had reinstalled the Husqvarna Viking 3D software, but kept getting error messages.  Once I figured it out, it was then problems with the new printer…but I’m happy to report “I think” I have it solved.  We’ll see.

I’ve also been busy working on another installment of my Sewing Room Organization Challenge.  This part will cover the design and redesign of a sewing room.  If you’d like to submit pictures of your sewing studio for me to include in this article, please send them to me at domesticdiva@si.rr.com along with note giving me permission to reprint.

And yes, I signed up for Liza D.’s Production and Costing Seminar.  I’m looking forward to meeting her and other clothing manufacturers and picking their brains on the wholesale clothing business.  Hopefully I can FINALLY find a source for great boy knit fabrics!

Hope your day is marvelous!

With friendship,





  1. Both rooms look GREAT, Lisa!! I am in the process of creating a room for an 18 yo girl who is coming to live with us, and I am finding it hard going. She isn’t here yet to give her opinions on the little things. I wish I had your creative mind.

  2. Well, I gave you 5 stars on both rooms, and not because you threatened our friendship, but because they deserve it!! 😉 LOL

  3. Wow – I’m jealous!!! Would that we had basements in Texas. :o) It’s really beautiful and nicely set up. I think I’m counting 5 machines in that picture. Beautiful!

  4. That is a seriously fabulous sewing room!

  5. it’s clean! I have a great sewing room but it only looks this good when I am not sewing. But congratulations on being recognized that is something most of us NEVER get.

  6. :: drool ::

    I have so much to do!! Your sewing room is like what I’ve envisioned with all this stuff but it will take me years to get to that point- we have to add a room on to the house first!

    In the meantime I’ll have to come up with something to tide me over. I’m off to give you 5 well-deserved stars!!

  7. Your sewing room is SOO clean and organized. I went over and uploaded both my kids rooms – they were on a local TV Show in here in SF last Jan – they don’t look NEARLY as good as they did then. Where did you find a place to rate the “sewing room” – I just got a home studio back (for painting at home) and could not figure out where to post it.

    Thanks for the post – love to see how others work!

  8. thanks girls! Unfortunately I need to constantly reorganize in order for it to look “clean” as I’m a domestic disaster (really…LOL).

    I just thing it is so important to have a creative space even if it’s a small corner in your dining room.

    Jamie, just go to http://ratemyspace.hgtv.com and sign up. Send me a link when you do–I’d love to see your pics!

    With friendship,

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