100 Things About Me

Inspired by Missy, I figured I’d join the fun and do another meme…

100 Things About Me


  1. I’ve had all my teeth capped at least twice.
  2. I rarely do laundry–I prefer to send it out even though I have a top-of-the line washer and dryer.  I mostly use them for pre-washing my new fabrics.
  3. I married a brilliant man, although he’s a PITA at times.
  4. My favorite candles are Trapp’s Fresh Tuberose.
  5. I love Coconut.
  6. I must buy fresh meats or poultry that same day I’m cooking them.
  7. I only buy top-grade meat and poultry and only from the butcher.
  8. I never freeze meats or poultry.
  9. I go out to eat more than I cook.
  10. I can never remember Mr. Diva’s size.
  11. Babysitters and Preschool helped raise my children.
  12. I will be hosting the4th Annual Diva NYC BBQ this Summer and if you sew or buy handmade, you’re invited.
  13. I mostly shop at the Italian specialty deli–rarely stepping foot in the regular grocery store.
  14. I was a professional sign painter in my early days.
  15. I can do 8 different hand calligraphy fonts using a quill.
  16. I’m left-handed and so is half my family.
  17. I love the smell of gardenias.
  18. I grow huge tall bearded irises.
  19. I’ve had Lupus (SLE) since I was 16 years old.
  20. I flipped a truck 6 times on the highway and survived.
  21. I must learn how to do smocking this year!
  22. I am always in conflict with one of my sisters.
  23. I never balance my checkbook or record my ATM transactions.
  24. I am great in emergency situations.
  25. I was the Chairwoman of a national children’s liver organization for 7 years.
  26. I always sit at the head table when dining at The Palm in NYC.
  27. I’m a big tipper–sometimes leaving 50%.
  28. I work out with a personal trainer 3 times a week and whine how much I hate exercise every single time.
  29. I hate cats, but like kittens as long as they live elsewhere.
  30. I only like big dogs, but no longer have one.
  31. I’m petrified of my giant Koi fish.
  32. I’m a great Italian cook, although I’m Irish.
  33. I eat all my food on separate plates.
  34. I get annoyed when others are late.
  35. I am a very loyal friend and expect the same from my friends.
  36. I’ve been on a respirator 3 times (pneumonia twice and punctured lung once).
  37. I don’t lend out money.  I prefer to give it without expectations of it ever being repaid.  This saves friendships.
  38. I’ve helped redecorate many friends’ homes over the years.
  39. I’ve helped plan way too many parties for others.
  40. I can make an awesome gift basket.
  41. I love Mocha Buttercream cake, flan and Crème Brûlée.
  42. I always put an extra quarter in the parking meter.
  43. I get dirty looks when I use my handicapped parking permit.
  44. I love big diamonds and obnoxious gold jewelry.
  45. I drive a big BMW aka The Bat Mobile.
  46. I only get 9.9 miles to the gallon.
  47. I’m afraid to be in small cars, especially if I’m not driving.
  48. Even though I have the fabric, I’ve yet to make my any of my curtains in the last 3 years.
  49. I prefer men being bread winners.
  50. I don’t expect Mr. Diva to do many household chores.
  51. I often use the good china and other luxuries.
  52. I love to do tablescapes.
  53. I own way too many serving platters and accessories.
  54. I’ve done hundreds of embroidered monograms and other personalized items.
  55. I want to retire in Oregon and raise tall bearded irises.
  56. Mr. Diva loves Las Vegas, but I don’t, so he goes without me.
  57. I want to go to Tahiti at least once in my lifetime.
  58. I frown on those who have children when they have no source of income except the public welfare system.
  59. I can be a little too judgmental at times.
  60. I love to share my knowledge with others.
  61. My favorite season is Spring.
  62. I dislike yellow in my garden, my home and my wardrobe.
  63. Yellow is my daughter’s favorite color–go figure.
  64. I own way too many pink things.
  65. I decorate for the holidays in non-traditional colors–never any red or Christmas green.
  66. I have 44,000 pink and purple Christmas lights.
  67. I love rusted iron and will paint anything metal to look like it–even my cooking range hood.
  68. I can memorize a color’s hue and match it exactly when I’m out shopping.
  69. I had wanted to be a lawyer.
  70. I still want to be a talk show host.
  71. I hate when people drive illegally in the right lane and try to cut in front of me–so I don’t let them it even if it means they might hit my car.
  72. I love Cap ‘n Crunch with Crunch Berries.
  73. But mostly have Banana Oatmeal for breakfast, because my personal trainer suggested it.
  74. I love Wise Cheese Doodles (the puffy ones, not the crunchy ones).
  75. I’ve been engaged several times.
  76. My family thought I’d get married several times, but so far have proved them wrong.
  77. I bought my first home when I was 20 years old and single.
  78. I am a true Gemini.
  79. I will celebrate my 45th Birthday on May 22nd.
  80. I love Desperate Housewives, Law & Order: SVU, Weeds, Brotherhood, Kimora:  Life in the Fab Lane, Project Runway and all the sewing shows.
  81. I rarely watch live tv–I prefer to tivo it (because I always fall asleep when sitting in front of the tv).
  82. My favorite fruits are white cherries.
  83. I love Shari’s Berries.
  84. My friend, Jessica, makes the best Boutique Toffee™ and I have a lifetime toffee subscription…LOL.
  85. I only go to church for wedding, communions, christenings and funerals.
  86. I love to sew and do so almost everyday.
  87. I have a fear of failure.
  88. I need to be more productive.
  89. I love to mentally torture my rotten neighbor.
  90. I enjoy helping my other neighbors often.
  91. I collect vintage tatting.
  92. My favorite flavor ice cream is Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone.
  93. I love fresh strawberries with Whipped Cream.
  94. My favorite place to shop for clothes is Annie Sez.
  95. I have green eyes and blonde hair.
  96. I get my eyebrows threaded, not waxed.
  97. I’m always teaching someone how to make a bow or some other decorative item in the aisles of Joann’s and Michael’s.
  98. I think scrapbooking is cool, but know I don’t need another hobby.
  99. I am a major procrastinator.
  100. I love blogging!


With friendship,





  1. What an awesome list!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    You Rock!

  2. Just have to say I LOVE reading your blog!!!!!

  3. I’m not the only one who never balances her checkbook or tracks debit purchases? Love the list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your list also! And the site, thanks to HGTV!! Your sewing organization tips are great! I really learned some new things, esp loved the tomato pincushion with the needle sizes written on..who’d a thunk!

    Hey, I don’t give “dirty looks” to those who need to use the handicap parking…I am grateful that I am able-bodied and in good health (whether “obvious” or not!) and I am thrilled to be able to walk the entire parking lot if need be! I realize that not all “handicaps” are not visible! (heart conditions, etc.) It is not for me to judge whether someone is using the parking legally or illigally…


  5. thanks girls! let me see your 100 Things…come on, you know you want to do it…LOL

    With friendship,

  6. Veronica V. Hardy says:

    WOW! I am SO inspired! I feel as though I know you!! We have a lot in common!! I found your blog while researching harlequin rugs. I too am in love with all things harlequin. My home is decorated in what I refer to as a little Tuscan, shappy chic, french countryish …with a whimsical touch:-) I will have to visit your blog again. You’re refreshing:-) Many blessing to you!


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