Sew Much Reading and Snacking



When I was out gallivanting yesterday, I came across the latest issue of Blueprint Magazine.  The cover story, “Out-of-the-Box Organizing,” caught my eye promising “10 Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before (trust us).”




Have you never seen these ideas before?  I’m puzzled.


So you’ve painted and decoupaged a bunch of wooden boxes.  I was so hoping for some new ideas.  Oh well—I still love ya Martha.


Luckily, a whole mailbox full of new books showed up to distract me.  Lots of great ones which were all cheaper than the cost of a single issue of Blueprint.

My favorite was this cool simple book I bought about manufacturing children’s clothing:


It was written by the manufacturers of JM Originals, a successful children’s clothing company.


It was a very short book with just a page or two on each part of the manufacturing process.


Wow…look how many different patterns are on their rack!  I’m jealous!


Here two employees are laying the pattern markers on the fabric.


Lots of different sewing machines and sergers are used.


And let’s not forget the Pattern Notcher…now I’ll be jonesing for a hydraulic pattern notcher…This one makes my handheld one look like a toy…LOL!

Sugar Score


The hell with diets…I’m working out with my personal trainer three times a week…so I deserve a little caramel here and there.  And I have absolutely no guilt…as they are beyond yummy.  First arrived a huge brick of caramel from Crave on Etsy.  It was very delicious.  However, today these soft Vanilla Caramels showed up from Ebay seller, Sweets by Season…OMG!!!   This sweet seller even threw in some of her magnificent Praline Pecan Caramels…I’m in Heaven!  Check out all her different caramel varieties and other sweet treats…you’ll be hooked!  She currently has a “Buy 2 Dozen, Get 1 Dozen Free” sale going on!


Like my new hand painted sign from Just My Luck Designs on Etsy?  I love it!!!

Night all!




  1. Well, since that is the final issue of blueprint, you won’t have to trust her, at least not with that mag, anymore! LOL

  2. ROTFL Sarah…you have a point! But you would have thought Martha would make it a fabulous last edition…KWIM?

    With friendship,

  3. LOL! I agree… I don’t understand why Martha thinks that everything she comes up with is solely new and her idea…. hmmmmm………..

  4. Dianna…that’s because she’s MARTHA…honestly, I adore Martha, but sometimes I just scratch my head.

    With friendship,

  5. The Kids Clothes book looks neat – where did you get it?


  6. Hehe… As if the designs she does come out with that are “NEW” are truly her own anyway, you know some genius behind the scenes is pitching those ideas 😉 hehe

    Oh and love the new books/mags!

  7. Hey Missy…I think I searched “sewing children” on (ebay’s other site for books, CDs and videos). I’ve never seen that book before. It is published by the company who makes JM Originals…so maybe email them! HTH

    Stacy…I’d bet Martha has several “geniuses” on board! LOL

    With friendship,

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