Whew! I’m SEW Much Better!


My Big Fishbowl

After $1,400 ($500 liner, $200 heaters and $700 labor) and a huge upcoming water bill, I’m happy to report…


the Fishies are alive and kickin’!  The Pond Guy showed up yesterday, removed all the fish from the pond (thank goodness I have 4 huge 96 gallon boat coolers…LOL), cleaned out the pond entirely, enlisted the help of 2 neighbors to place the new 200 pound liner in the pond, refilled it with 3,500 gallons of water and finally put the fish back in the pond.  Thanks to everyone for your good vibes!

The good news is we discovered a little BLUE Koi (I’ve been dying for one!!!).  Yippee!

Fabric Rack

Linda of Craft Apple posted this neat Magazine Rack which inspired me to finally use an awesome magazine rack I picked up at HomeGoods last year:


Now to figure out where and how to hang it–it’s pretty heavy!

Off to peruse my fabric “collection” for more fabrics to hang on my rack…

Happy Sewing!




  1. Yay f or the fishies!

    Yay for the fabric rack! It’s perfect!

  2. Thanks Linda! I had the fabric rack sitting in a corner behind my rolling carts…so glad you inspired me to finally use it…LOL!

    Fish are good…and all is good in my world!

    With friendship,

  3. Ooooh I was just coming to check on the fish and spied this too! How fun Lisa and I love craftapple’s too! You gals have just inspired ME to find one too…think I can convince CHops to let me hang it in the dining/sewing room, LOL!!!

  4. oh Lady M™…you could talk CHOPs into doing anything…even hanging MY Fabric Rack…LOL!

    With friendship,

  5. I’m so glad the fishies are okay! Now, back to more sewing stuff. LOL! Lynn

  6. yes Lynn…I miss my sewing machines! Life always seems to get in the way!

    With friendship,

  7. Glad your little fishies are going to be ok!

  8. OH ….no wonder they called for a water shortage in Staten Island ….YOU WERE USING IT ALL !



  9. OH My what an eventful week girl! I am so glad those fishes are ok.. I am planning on seeing them this August!
    Love the fabric up there…Get back to sewing now hint hint!

  10. thanks girls! Yes I’m back in the sewing room…promise!!!

    ROTFL Sue Wizard!

    With friendship,


  1. […] Neither.  We had a beautiful German Shepard years ago.  Too much hair.  I prefer my Koi fish as they live […]

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