Please Don’t Say They’re Only FISH


Flashback to June 16, 2007:

Figured I better post something here as to why I’m sooooooooo heartbroken…please bear with me and snicker only to yourself behind my back…
Yesterday as I was preparing to go to Marielle’s Graduation, my two largest Koi fish jumped out of my pond and died.
My oldest and largest, Nemo, was 26 inches and weighted about 7 pounds (pictured above). My second largest was a mere 20 inches and just layed her eggs.
As many of you know, I am PETRIFIED of my fish…and truth be told, had I “seen” them jump out, I would have just screamed, but never would I have attempted to put them back in the pond.
Now some of you might think I’m nuts, but I am EXTREMELY attached to my fish. Every morning at 5am, I look out the window to make sure they are safe and sound. Yesterday was my worst nightmare.
Sadly, this kind of occurrence happens when the fish mate and knock the female up against the side of the pond. Being that they were so large and my pond is quite big, they were able to build momentum and could easily jump 5 feet in the air. This time they didn’t land back in the pond.
To make matters worse, my DH and my neighbor said let’s just fire up the grill and add some garlic and oil…ugh!!! And then to find out the biggest one wasn’t worth $700 like I thought…no, to replace him I’m looking at over $3K…I’m SICK!
Ok…so laugh if you must, just don’t let me hear ya…LOL


Fast Forward to December 9, 2007

The “babies” of the two big fish who jumped in the Summer are now over 20 inches long and the dozen grandchildren a mere 8 inches in size.  I now have between 25 to 35 fish of all sizes.  Oh how I love my fish like some of you love your dogs and cats.

I called my Pond Guy, Kevin, when I noticed my pond was losing water.  Seems there were two rips in the pond liner…ugh!  But it wasn’t terrible—the pond was still 3 feet deep–enough to “over winter” my giant Koi fish.  He told me I could either replace the liner (not something I wanted to do right before Christmas – $$$) or do it in the Spring when it was safer for the fish.  Kevin checked the pond heater and all was well.


Onto January 3, 2008

At 5 a.m., I went to peer out the window like I do every single morning to check on my fish.  To my horror, the pond had lost all but 12 inches of water and my pumps and pond heater failed leaving the entire top frozen!  The temperature has dropped from 45 degrees to 15 degrees Fahrenheit overnight.

I was in a complete PANIC!!!  My outdoor garden hoses were frozen solid.  Luckily, I found an old hose in the garage and ran it over 100 feet to the pond.

It was a race against time.  I had to save my fish and quick!  The new pond heater I’d purchased on Ebay the week before hadn’t arrived, so I ran out and bought 2 heaters from a local pet supply store (of course the Ebay heater was delivered later that night…it figures).

I added no less than 3,000 gallons of water.  Most of the day it seems fine.  I checked it again at 11 p.m. before I went to sleep and it seemed to be holding the water.


January 4, 2008

I woke up at 5am to find the pond down to no more than a foot once again…yet no ice as the new heaters were working.  Obviously, I had some new rips in the liner.

Another mad dash to save the fish again.

I have the hose running CONTINUOUSLY and it’s leaking out almost as quick as I can put it in.  I’m afraid to see what my water bill is going to be (did I mention it’s a 3,500 gallon pond?), but more afraid of losing my beloved fish.  The fish are so confused which season it is as they are all coming to the surface and it even looks like the big guys are MATING!!!


Today January 5, 2008

I’ve only slept 5 hours as I’m too worried about these friggin’ fish.  They survived overnight and I’ve been able to maintain the water as long as the garden hose adds water constantly (if I shut it off, the line will freeze and the pond will drain).

My Pond Guy has another guy coming on Sunday morning to take all the fish out of the pond, empty the pond, put a new liner in and put the fish back.  This is a BIG job and will cost me big time.  And it is very dangerous for the fish.

Only problem is I need to find a new pond liner (at least 20′ x 20′) on a Saturday in the dead of Winter…not an easy thing as most garden center close after Christmas and don’t open back up until Spring.

I have no less than 50 garden centers to call this morning in hopes of scoring a new pond liner.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Hopefully, I’ll have good news on Sunday night and I can get back to my sewing.

EDIT:  S C O R E ! ! !  Yep, I just got back from picking up my new pond liner…unfortunately my wallet is now $500 lighter…oh my!  I could have saved $200 and drove over an hour and a half roundtrip to another water garden center in NJ, but this was right in my neighborhood (besides, I like to patronize my local merchants).  Hopefully the guy will show up tomorrow to install it…LOL!  Thanks for the putting up with me.




  1. Oh My! I sure hope all goes well today. Let us know. We would love a pond but just haven’t been able to take the financial plunge, yet. Rosie

  2. *hugs* Oh NO. I hope you find a liner!!!

  3. Good luck… Any pet is hard to lose even fish… I’ll be praying it all works out!

  4. UUUGGGHHH!!!!!

    I just finished reading the saga to Chops and he is both chuckling and sympathizing! Chuckling at the mental image of you running around for the hose and NOT driving to NJ…but we KNOW how much you love those crazy fish!

    *fingers crossed*

  5. Your fish are beautiful! My mom has a pond and I remember having to deal with the rips and the heaters not working! UGH! Glad you found another Liner!

  6. What a CLOSE call! Here’s praying that pond guy shows up and the fish handle their “day out” well.

  7. Thanks girls! LOL at CHOPS reading my blog…haha! I really need to mail him the cute little thing I picked up for him last month. This week I promise.

    So the pond guy “SAYS” he’s showing up tomorrow…we’ll see. Stay tuned!

    I really need to go immerse myself with some busy work in my sewing room to distract me from these fishies.

    With friendship,

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for your Koi! Stay in the water! BTW, I’d never call them “just fish.” In a fair fight, I’m pretty sure one of your fish could take my spaniel, easy.


  9. Lisa,

    I know what it means to love animals…the 31st I lost one of the neighbor strays….

    I will pray everything works out well…I understand the lack of sleep because all you can do is worry…..they will be fine and luckily they have someone who loves them alot.

    o.k….I know I am weird, but I love animals.


  10. oh I become attached like that too!!! So sorry about their peril..really sad and I’m skivvy around fish….but my heart sank….well I wish you time and patience with the renewal…best, Jennifer

  11. A pet is a pet is a pet. Whether it has fins or fur, they are still loveable and deserve all the kindness and humanity we can give them. Good for you for saving the beautiful fish. Not so good for your wallet. 😉

  12. Oh Wow! What a crazy few days! Hopefully all is well now and you and the fish can get some well-needed rest!
    Happy New Year!

  13. I’m so glad you have a solution! Did the guy show up to fix it?

    There’s nothing wrong with getting attached to a pet!

  14. I hope the liner is installed today!

  15. I would never say they are ” just fish ” … put alot of blood sweat and heart into those fish ……Dont blame you for jumping in to save them !

    ( of course though given the attire …I would REALLY have liked to see it …..)

    Now had that been me that jumped in ……the pond would have refrozen over with me in it and I would have been half in half out …frozen in place …with only my fat arse to keep the koi warm … need for a new liner …my butts got it covered ……

    …..imagine ……how would I explain that when the pond guys showed up ?


  16. My uncle has a huge fish pond, and I know how attached he is to them…I understant your plite to save the fish…they are like famiy!!! I have to tell you that my kids decided last summer to strip down and “swim” in his pond!! The fish were traumatized for weeks…and my uncle wasn’t too far behind them! LOL~Heather

  17. OK, so in re-reading…I needed spell check! 🙂


  18. Good luck! I know how you feel about your fish! I worry about mine too. Thank goodness our weather doesn’t get that cold here!

  19. Thanks girls for your crossed fingers and such…all is good in my world…YIPPEE!!!

    With friendship,

  20. I’m interested in knowing more about koi ponds. I have always been into gardening and wanted to accentuate my garden with a pond like the one you have. What websites should I read over? Where can I find the best literature available?

    I would appreciate the help. Thank you very much.

  21. That was terrible how your koi jumped out, thank you for your articles and I really enjoyed them. I’ve bookmarked your site and will check often to see updates and how things are going. Good job!



  1. […] Fishies are alive and kickin’!  The Pond Guy showed up yesterday, removed all the fish from the […]

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