SEW…How about a little COURAGE?


Christine Kane wrote an awesome post entitled, “Resolution Revolution:  A Better Way to Start Your Year.”  It really got me thinking…thinking about the things I want to accomplish this year…and what word would sum it up.  That’s easy enough:  COURAGE.

As many of you know, it’s MY YEAR–the year I leave behind the safe haven of Ebay’s Custom Children’s Boutique sewing and venture out to the big world of real clothing manufacturing for the wholesale market.


And to say I’m scared to death is an understatement.  Why?  Not sure.  Perhaps it’s uncharted waters, lack of confidence, fear of failure…whatever it is, I will need COURAGE to pull this off.

Here’s a partial list of what I need to do this year (not necessarily in this order):

Incorporate Business

Tax ID

Contact Ingrid to build Website

Resale Certificate

Sign up for Liza D’s Fashion School workshop by January 11th

Attend Liza D’s Fashion School workshop on January 19th

Write Business Plan

Open Business Bank Account

Attend (walk) at least 2 Trade Shows

Figure out the Answers to the following from Fashion Incubator:

  • A brief description of my boys’ line
  • My customer profile
  • My anticipated price points
  • The types of stores I’d like to sell to
  • Who I aspire to hang with on the rack


    Utilize the Garment Industry Development Corp (assists NYC sewn product manufacturers in an effort to keep business here in NYC) to find:

    • Pattern Maker
    • Cutting Service
    • Sewing Contractor
    • Fabric and Trim Manufacturers

    Keychain Sourcing

    Order Sample Fabric, Trims and Keychains

    Design 5 complete boys’ sets

    Assign Style Numbers

    Figure out Sizing for line

    Have First Patterns made

    Sew Samples

    Select and Sign up for 1st Trade Show

    Prepare for Trade Show:

    • Figure out Wholesale Pricing
    • Purchase Footwear for Models
    • Have Line Photographed by EMA Photography
    • Order Posters of Line
    • Order Signs for Booth
    • Create Mock-Up Booth Display
    • Design and Print Line Sheets
    • Design and Print Look Book
    • Design and Print Press Sheets
    • Open American Express and Mastercard/Visa Accounts via PayPal
    • Redesign and Order Hangtags and Business Cards
    • Order Garment Name Tags
    • Order Size/Fiber Content Tags
    • Ship Samples

    Do my 1st Trade Show

    Take Orders from Wholesale Customers at Trade Show

    Order Fabric based on Wholesale Sales

    Have Final Patterns Graded based on Orders

    Have Markers made

    Make Cutter’s Must

    Have Cutting done

    Make Sewing Spec Sheets

    Hire Sewing Contractor

    Ship Fabric and Trims to Sewing Contractor

    Fulfill Orders to Wholesale Customers

    Hire a Sales Rep for future Trade Shows

    Continue learning from Kathleen, Amber and Debbie

    Rinse, Repeat…LOL


    I’m sure my To Do List will get bigger as I go along, but at least I now have a plan–a plan which will take a lot of COURAGE on my part.  What’s your theme WORD?  Why?


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    1. Whew, that is one long list. . .I wish you all the best in your new endeavor! You can do it!

      Annette (playing many parts)

    2. That is so awesome – I can’t wait to see your new line! Best wishes!

    3. Don’t worry too much. You’ll take it one step at a time, and you’ll be amazed how far you get. You’ll also be amazed by what comes that you didn’t foresee. (GOOD THINGS OF COURSE)

      Courage and doubt could’ve both been my theme words last year. I know what it’s like to be where you are – it’s so exciting!!! You’ll do great!!

      I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the journey. Smell the flowers. 🙂

      I also have to beg to differ with you a little because this is actually MY year (ok ok, it can be both of ours!). My theme word – good question – ACTION. It definitely has to be ACTION.

      Happy New Year!

    4. Best of luck to you Lisa! Starting something new is always scary but so fulfilling!

    5. Wow I must say that you have one of the most put together lists I have ever seen for someone wanting to take their clothing line to the next level! Great job!! That looked like my list last year…daunting but so possible and you must have FUN along the way! Hmmmm my theme this year…POSSIBILITIES. I plan to continue to grow my clothing line and my graphic design business this year….and of course make Girl Indie one the the best resources for new designers. 🙂
      Good Luck Lisa, I am sure you will do GREAT…I am always here if you need another ear LOL oh and I have a few contacts in NY you may be interested in. 🙂
      All the best to you,

    6. If anyone could do it…it would be YOU!
      Good luck Lisa! You rock!


    7. WOW! Impressed beyond belief, but I wouldnt expect anything else from you Lisa! I am so excited about your journey and cant wait to see where it takes you!

    8. Yeah!! You were *meant* to do this Lisa! Every item on that list may as well be crossed off now because you WILL do them! I believe it’s a given that it’s all going to happen for you.

      I can’t wait to read your stories about the trade shows when you go, this is too exciting!!

      I think my theme word, at least for now, is ENDURANCE. People often tell me “You have your hands full!” and boy, they don’t know how right they are. But I do have a race to run, and a command to not grow weary, so even though some days I just want to quit and cry I’m keeping my eye on that promised prize and continuing to RUN (or at least stumble along, whining a lot as I go. 😉 )

    9. Wow – this is a HUGE year for you! And I’m amazed that you’re doing it. Writing sewing patterns seems so miniscule compared to your list of getting things going. I’ll be watching closely to see if I can pick up a few tips. I’ve often wondered about the world of manufacturing as some ideas are really more suited to manufacturing than to sewing patterns.

      Have courage!

    10. I think that you have a wonderful plan! And I”m very impressed and inspired! There is no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish your goals this year, and I wish you great success! 🙂

      I haven’t really thought about a theme word for this year, but for a lot of reasons, perhap my theme word should be patience.

      Good luck and great success in this new adventure! 😀

    11. I have faith that you can do this, Lisa. It’s a long list, so I’m sure it looks a little intimidating, but it’s all about taking baby steps. I can’t wait to see where you are going to take all of this.

    12. Great list and I think it is awesome that you put it out there, and are directly planning and planning positive!

    13. best of luck lisa,

      if i can be of any help…just let me know. i could work the trade show with you. love mom xoxo

    14. Haven’t visited (anywhere) in a while, so I’m just catching up. You will be awesome at this, Lisa! I’m so impressed with your gumption and I truly hope you great success.

    15. Socialite Sister says:

      Happy New Year, Diva Sister! What a list — but if anyone can do it, you can. Let 2008 be the year that all of your dreams come true…
      xoxo, Socialite Sister
      PS: BTW Socialite BIL has excellent Web design skills, so let us know if you need any help….

    16. holy cow! This has got to be so exciting and so scary too. I don’t think I could sleep a wink. I’ll be anxious to keep up with your progress throughout the year.

    17. Awww girls…you are all the bestest cheerleading team a gal could want! Thanks for your good wishes and support!

      I promise to share the whole journey–both good and bad, with all of you. Several have let me peek into their world to see how they do it, so I shall do the same.

      Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

      With friendship,

    18. Mandy (little*precious) says:

      Wow, wow!
      Lisa, I know you will will do all of these things without batting an eye, you are amazing & I KNOW Downtown Joey is going to be amazing as well!
      Can’t wait to see it in the stores!! 🙂
      Best of luck!

    19. My goodness, Lisa, I think you’ve already got COURAGE if you’re planning all that! I just know you’ll succeed. I will eagerly watch for developments.

      Love, Wardeh

    20. Hey, Lisa, I just found a site that you might find interesting. You probably have already seen it as you have a knack of finding things online…

    21. Thanks Girls!

      Beth…I’ve had that site bookmarked for ages…LOL!

      Wishing everyone all things good in the New Year!

      With friendship,

    22. Lisa, I’m so excited for you with all your goals and aspirations! You have motivated me to flesh out my own list of goals and steps to take to get there. Your list is awesome and I just know you will succeed. Courage is a great keyword. I’m going to be following your blog to see your progress and feed my own motivation!

      My key words for this first quarter at least are FOCUS & ACTION because I have a list as long as yours that needs to be organized and put on a timeline, and I have lots of orders to fill, a new concept to complete and get ready to pitch to Country Living Magazine people in March and tons of other goals to work on daily (and nightly in my sleep it seems!)

      I’m wishing you all the very best of Courage, Strength, Faith, Wisdom, Hope, Perserverance, Humor, Love, and Determination. YOU CAN DO IT!
      XOXO, Dianne

    23. oh Diane…you’re the sweetest!

      How exciting!!! Sounds like you are off to an awesome start!

      (P.S. – I’ve added you to the Blogroll! Great blog!)

      with friendship,


    1. […] you.  Things that were once a breeze to accomplish now seem difficult.  Often I lack the courage to tackle what is ahead of me.  But little by little, I’m taking baby […]

    2. […] you.  Things that were once a breeze to accomplish now seem difficult.  Often I lack the courage to tackle what is ahead of me.  But little by little, I’m taking baby […]

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