SEW Awesome Fabric Coops

Sew tempted once again from one of the Yahoo Fabric Coops…


How do I pass up this neat Diva knit print at only $4.75 a yard?

So you ask, “What is a fabric coop?”  Well, basically it’s a group of fellow fabricholics like yourself who join together to purchase fabric by the bolt at wholesale prices.  In addition to fabric, many of these coops offer sewing patterns, threads and other notions for sale.

Here’s how most Fabric Coops work:

  • Coop Owner announces fabrics for sale and specific ordering details (closing date, price, expected arrival from Fabric Manufacturer) to Coop Members .
  • Available fabrics are posted in Photos section.
  • Prices include small fee to cover Coop Owner’s expenses.
  • Coop Members place fabric orders in database.
  • Coop Owner announces Fill List to fill up incomplete bolts.
  • Coop Owner closes specific Fabric Database.
  • Coop Owner requests payments from Coop Members.
  • Coop Owner orders fabric from Fabric Manufacturers.
  • Order is received from Fabric Manufacturer and cut.
  • Coop Owner requests Shipping Payments from Coop Members.
  • Once Coop Members pay for their Shipping, Coop Owner ships fabric.

Go to and search “fabric coop.”

Some of my favorite fabric coops:

AB Fabric Coop

 Click here to join ABFabricCoop
Click to join ABFabricCoop


Click here to join fabric-coop
Click to join fabric-coop

Sew Many Fabrics

Click here to join sewmanyfabrics
Click to join sewmanyfabrics

The Joy of Sewing

Click here to join TheJoyofSewing
Click to join TheJoyofSewing

Cloth Essentials

Click here to join ClothEssentials
Click to join ClothEssentials

Happy Legs Fabric Group

Click here to join happylegsfabricgroup
Click to join happylegsfabricgroup

Fabrics and Notions

Fabrics Etc.

Comfy Creations

Fabric Coops are a great way to get fabric per yard at wholesale prices.  I’ve participated in most of the Fabric Coops listed above and they have proven to be reputable.

Unfortunately, not all Fabric Coops are the same.  Be sure to check out the message boards on each coop.  If a particular coop is not very active or there are members who haven’t received their fabrics without explanation from the coop owner, be wary of placing orders.

The only downside of fabric coops is you must wait for your fabric.  It can be as long as 3 months from the time you order your fabric until it arrives.  But if you are willing to wait, you’ll be saving lots of money and have the opportunity to acquire more fabric for your dollar.

Happy Fabric Shopping!

With friendship,







  1. Thank you for the explanation. I have always wondered how it worked.

  2. OOh, I could get into sew much trouble with these links.. LOL!
    I can’t wait until I’ve got a bit more purchasing power.

  3. Ooh, very cool! I will have to check these out.

  4. Just stopping by to wish you a VERY MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! And all the best in 2008!! We’ll catch up soon.


  5. This is wonderful/horrible information. Wonderful because it’s great fabric at wholesale prices. Horrible because it’s great fabric at wholesale prices – did I mention that I don’t NEED anymore fabric? Thanks a lot Lisa. LOL

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