Fashion Design and Sewing Worksheet


(sketch by my 14-year-old daughter, Marielle)

Thought I’d share my current worksheet I use to streamline my design and sewing production of my boys’ clothing line.

Clothing Design and Sewing Sheet

I always attach a sketch or photo AND fabric swatches to each worksheet.  It makes the process so much easier.  This worksheet gets utilized for both custom orders and assembly-line sewing.

Once I start “real” production (manufacturing) for the wholesale market this coming year, this worksheet will change as there will be things which will have to be done differently.


With friendship,





  1. Wow! It so does not surprise me that your daughter can do that, she is obviously amazingly talented!

    Did I miss something somewhere? What’s this about starting production for the wholesale market, is Downtown Joey going big time!?! Congratulations!!

  2. It looks like someone inherited some fashion diva genes. Wow!

  3. Man, that’s one talented girl you have there!


  4. where can I find those Diva tiaras???

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