Here in NYC, everything is GIANT


Mr. Diva™ and Most Wonderful Brother (aka Birthday Boy) have VIP tickets to tonight’s GIANTS vs. PATRIOTS football game…


directly at the 50 yard line in the first row!



CNN reported ticket prices for this non-playoff game are the highest ever…fetching between $1,500 and $2,200 a ticket on Ebay and Craigslist…looks like Mr. Diva scored,

But not to worry, I have plenty of GIANT leftovers…


2 1/2 pound Lobster Tails


and Prime Rib from The Palm to keep me busy.

Of course if I get really bored, I could always go fabric shopping…LOL!

Enjoy your day!

With friendship,





  1. I vote for fabric shopping! 😉 LOL

  2. I’ll come sit and enjoy the lobster with ya! 🙂 I do hope that the Giants provide a spoiler to the Patriots. I will be getting ready for tomorrow’s clash between the Cowboys & Redskins as living in Redskin territory it is hard being a Cowboys fan and not needing to win but not wanting to lose and let your rival into the playoffs. Maybe I will disappear and just go make something if things start looking ugly. 😉

  3. Socialite Sister says:

    Hey there — it was my birthday, too! What about me? Waaaah!

  4. Well, our Giants lost, but they really gave the Patriots a run for their money! Who won the Cowboys/Redskins game?

    oh poor Socialite Sister™…Wishing you a big belated birthday! And you were’nt home when I called anyway…LOL

    With friendship,

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