The Domestic Disaster

Just Wave My Magic Wand


Am I the only one who is feeling like a Domestic Disaster™ during this holiday season?  I had big dreams, but only a few came to fruition.  And the reason why, you ask?

Not quite sure…


Maybe it was the Sewing Fairy™ who pulled a work slowdown,


because she had requested a gravity-fed iron


or perhaps she was pissed that she has no fabric stash


or she realized her sewing chair was too low to reach her sewing machine.

Ok.  Back to my fantasy life…

Although I finished buying and shipping all necessary gifts, I still have over 100 gifts to wrap…and my gift wrap table is a disaster.  So is my sewing room.  At least the rest of my house is pretty clean (and decorated, too).

I thought my messy sewing friends would enjoy seeing why I fall short of diva status from time to time.


Now’s it’s real life time…

Many of you don’t know, but I’ve been living with Lupus for 22+ years.  Most of the time it’s not a problem, but every once it a while it really slows me down–like for the last few days.  Seems when I get stressed, my body just shuts down and it zaps me of all energy.  Really bad timing!

So I rest until the guilt of seeing Mr. Diva™ step it up a notch starts to bother me.  Honestly, he tries, but he’s not me.  And my life (family, friends and home) want ME, not him.

Mr. Diva™ literally takes over running all the errands and finishing up whatever I can’t accomplish.  He’s good like that.  In the meantime, I rest until I gather up enough energy.  So that’s where I am…slowly undertaking things that need to be done.


But not to worry, I’ve already finished putting away all the clothes and most of the fabric in my sewing room is now folded.  That will leave me tonight to get all the gift wrapping done.  Thank goodness for gift bags…LOL!

Fabric Diversion





New Benartex City Girl and Woodstock Fabrics

oooh check this out:


Posy Party City Scape from Exclusively Quilters

and it comes in a green colorway, too!


and look at this pretty coordinate…


I’m liking this Springs’ print…Traffic Jam


Some new Alexander Henry prints…


Fern Green Colorway


Chocolate Brown Colorway

Also liking this one from the ‘Back in the Saddle’ collection by Anita Phillips for Wilmington Prints


What about Robert Kaufman’s Greetings from the West Bucking Broncos?


For the Quilters…Pam Tuttle of Bayside Quilting for Andover:


Hope you’re getting everything done!




  1. I’m looking at your table with all that fabric, and I’m in shock-and-awe mode. It’s hard for me to even wrap my mind around the slightest hint of an unorganized DIVA. I think I shall curl up into the fetal position while that sinks in.

    The City Scape fabric is gorgeous!

    Mr Diva is a good egg. Keep him around awhile longer. 🙂

  2. why are all your phrases trademarked?

  3. Don’t you start Beth…I’ve seen YOUR stash…LOL!

    Hi PERSEPHONESAWAKENING (what does your name mean?)…anyway, a few years ago on the ebay forums, I would give friends nicknames and/or make up slogans which we jokingly trademarked…nothing really…just fun.

    With friendship,

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