I’ve been SEW Suspended



Ok…I find this rather comical after my previous post this morning…my account has been SUSPENDED on the HGTV Forums…the nerve!  And just 48 hours after my first post on the Quilting Forums…LOL!  Such a troublemaker I am!  I posted a link to all the Handmade Gift Tutorials.  There is absolutely no financial benefit for me–just trying to give my fellow crafting fools a few last minute gift ideas.

Guess they didn’t like that I was getting thousands of hits on my blog.  Let’s hope they don’t connect the dots and pull their article on Organized Spaces which features MY fabric collection.

YOU SUCK HGTV!  There, I said it.





  1. I find what HGTV did was odd to say the least, but it is funny. You think posted something profane, lol.

  2. LOL! They must not have link love. Their loss.

  3. I just found you through… I don’t remember what link… but it’s definitely their loss. Silly, sillly rules. I’ll be back to visit often.

  4. WOW I’m impressed with your organization!! And the fabrics you have are beautiful!!!

  5. Such a trouble maker, tch tch. Their loss.

  6. yes, definately their loss…didn’t those people know that folks read blogs?? Found you from the flickr page(SewMamaSew group) Can I add you to my linky list? Thanks

  7. Well that’s weird. Sounds like high school to me. Can’t have too many people possibly becoming friends with someone else, you know. Sorry about that. Even though it’s funny it’s gotta feel bad at first.

    HGTV, if you’re reading, you really should give this girl her account back.

  8. thanks girls…perhaps I’ll sneak back into the forums under a different id such as BAD DIVA or TROUBLE MAKER…LOL

    Jennifer…of course! Thanks!

    With friendship,

  9. Of COURSE they are idiots. They shouldn’t have arbitrarily just suspended you – they should have looked at the articles you linked to, evaluated their worth and quality, NOTICED that they are some of the most valuable on the web for crafters and PAID you to incorporate them into one of their feature articles.

    Personally, I think your “organzing challenge” posts are better than 85% of what HGTV has to offer. HGTV should take advantage of those, as well.




  1. […] a payback for HGTV erroneously suspending my user account, head on over to Rate My Sewing Room on their site.  I’ve since forgiven […]

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