Christmas Holiday Tipping 101


Now my friend, April, thinks we are all nuts here in NYC when it comes to tipping…LOL.  She told me she has delivered flowers for her friend’s florist shop and no one in Tennessee tips…can you imagine that?

Now not only do I come from a from a family of regular tippers, I married one…I’d say almost 10% of my weekly take (pay Mr. Diva™ gives me for putting up with him) goes to tips each week (note:  I eat out A LOT).

My darling husband, Mr. Diva™, believes not only should you tip for the service you’ve received, but more importantly, for the service you’d like to receive in the future.

Here’s a few people you should might want to consider:

  • USPS Mailman
  • Fedex Man
  • UPS Man
  • Laundry Service
  • Food Delivery Person
  • Restaurant (favorite waiters and maitre ‘d)
  • Hair Stylist & Shampoo Girl
  • Babysitter
  • Newspaper Delivery Boy/Girl
  • Regular Garbage Men
  • Recycling Garbage Men
  • Lawn Service
  • Florist
  • Cleaning Girl

Did I mention how my mailman waits for my dinosaur of a laserjet printer to print labels or how my UPS guy never delivers my motherload of boxes until Mr. Diva™ leaves for work?  Or perhaps how my garbage men always put my garbage can covers back on and neatly line my empty pails in my driveway unlike my neighbors’ pails which I occasionally get the pleasure to run over with my car?  Oh, and yes, when I booked Christmas Eve dinner at one of the hottest Italian restaurants last night, miraculously, a table for 8 opened up…LOL.

Here’s a link if you need some help on the appropriate tip to give:

Tipping Etiquette Info

Now I realize not everyone can afford to give a cash tips.  However, make some gesture of thanks whether it be a plate of home-baked cookies or something you whipped up with your sewing machine.  Get creative!





  1. Amazing–I tip the folks you mentioned (except my USPS carrier–we never have the same one for more than 2 days running), but I have never tipped for a floral delivery. It never occurred to me! I hang my head in shame.


  2. LOL Jen! It’s funny but it seems tipping is more common in big cities (not that I have a door man or anything…LOL).

    And yes, definitely the flower delivery (not that I get enough of these), but basically anyone who delivers something to you. And don’t forget the guys who deliver the heavy things such as major appliances and furniture. It’s amazing what a tip will do–all the cardboard and other packing material are taken away…not left for me to break up and bring down to the curb.

    With friendship,

  3. I agree, tipping and kindness go a long way. I cash tip about half the services you mentioned. Some are impossible to tip here… the UPS man is so fast, I would have to run down the street in my pj’s to catch him. And since I can’t tip these guys effectively, I always smile and wave to them when I see them driving by… they appreciate friendly customers after having to deal with the crabby ones.

  4. Thanks so much for this post. I work for tips right now while I’m finishing up school. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to deliver $100 worth of food to someone and get $1.

    Yep, those folks get their food last next time 0;)

  5. Cathy…my garbage men seem to like me (perhaps it’s my cute pjs)…ROTFL!

    Misty…ain’t that the truth?! I couldn’t agree more!

    With friendship,


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