Look…no thread, no bobbins, no tension problems…

Husqvarna Viking has introduced their new Huskystar ER10–a unique embellishing machine to create felted appliqués and even fraying on jeans!


This new machine makes Needle Felting a breeze.  It features:

  • A needle guard to cover needles for safety while felting.
  • Needles that automatically stop in the up position making it easy to remove and manipulate the felting project.
  • A needle protector to eliminate the risk of damaging needles while cleaning underneath.
  • A slide-out tray that collects lint, fuzz and fiber for no-fuss cleaning.
  • A slender free arm lets you embellish around miniature or narrow projects, while the large area around the needles supports more involved projects.


Both new and experienced needle felters will find this machine an asset to their sewing room.  Looks like a perfect gift for the little girls on your list!  Heck, I know a few big girls who would love one, too…hint, hint.

Happy Sewing!




  1. Do you know how much they are charging for that machine?

    My C20 wasn’t cheap, lol.

  2. one website has it listed on sale for $499:

    WOW! That’s a lot of dough for a machine that can’t sew…LOL

    Generally anything HV makes is on the high end. However, their Huskystar line is so much cheaper than their Viking line.


    With friendship,

  3. Wish I had room in the studio! Alas, the hand held version will have to do. They should make an attatchment for your machine. I’m glad you stopped by my blog, or I would have never stumbled upon yours! Enjoying the read!

  4. When I was looking through my Bernina accessory catalog I was so excited because I saw an embelishing foot with 5 needles on it. I thought I could use it on my machine, but alas it was for the embelisher like the one you’ve mentioned here. Goodness- it looks like fun. And with the plastic protector the kids could go to town!! :o)

  5. That is beyond cool. I’d like to see one in action.

  6. heck, if they could make an attachment, they wouldn’t have to sell you a whole separate machine, KWIM? How clever of them…LOL

    with friendship,

  7. mutrietaitype says:

    Hello my friends 🙂

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